Get Contact Numbers of your Facebook Friends easily!

Ever wondered to get in touch with your Facebook friends over the phone for a direct phone call? I hope it would have crossed your mind for a lot of times..

Just imagine that you have lost your Mobile Phone and all the contact details which you had stored in it for years (no backup) is lost. This will help you contact your friends.

But how do you get the Phone number of your Facebook friends? (without going through their individual profiles)

Its pretty easy, as Facebook has inbuilt this feature of the Phonebook. This Facebook Phonebook gives you an entire list of Phone numbers of your friends who have allowed their phone numbers to be seen in their Profile Info. (we cannot get the phone numbers of those who have disabled showing the phone numbers as Facebook is taking care of the privacy issue seriously)

Now how to get this Facebook Phonebook : Visit this Link

Now, if for some reason you do not wish to visit this link and access this feature from Facebook, then you can follow the following steps:
Click on “Account” >> “Edit Friends” >> Find the “Contacts” option on the Left Sidebar

Thats it! Do let us know if this ever helps you!

  • Tech News India

    Rohit, Is there any way we can get their email addresses too? By the way, this was a very nice simple trick