Facebook plans to launch Facial Recognition soon

Facebook has established its name and position as the most successful social networking platform over the past few years(Dont forget to Join Us) The website’s basic functions remained almost the same since the beginning, with occasional changes. But in the recent years they have been modifying the layout and adding add-on features to the comments (LIKE button) and the better Facebook Chat.

Maybe it was a consequence for the growing urge for change and the number of accounts reaching for the sky. Latest in their row of changes is the new feature of adding facial recognition. This feature recognizes your friends in the pictures you upload and allow you to tag them!

Facial recognition on Facebook

But that is possible as long they allow you to do so. By opting out from the default settings of automatically enabled tagging, you can stop this from happening to the pictures that involve you.
Facebook Face Recognition
It can catch a lot of people off-guard if they didn’t opt out from the feature manually. While they have tried to make an effort to help people out by auto tagging the pictures, all it has accomplished is to get some users pissed off.

It is a privacy issue for some users and simply bothering for others. Often the photos that are auto tagged are not something people are proud of! Check out the following photo as an embarrassing Example.

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Once the tag is there, people will know where they have been and what they have done. Users have to manually un-tag a lot of pictures if this feature is enabled, leading to an unnecessary loss of time.

Besides, Facebook was already criticized for the feature that allowed other people to know where a person is. This facial recognition thing seems to follow suit and face another worldwide criticism for attempting to violate privacy.

via Engadget

  • http://www.finallyfastpc.com/ FinallyFast.com

    This is WILD! Facial recognition to autotag pictures? I haven’t uploaded pictures in while, but I’ve yet to experience this feature. I wonder how accurate it is? Does anyone have any experience with it yet?

  • http://www.techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    @Finally fast: Some people have got this activated, but some are still waiting!