Intel plans to target the Tablets and Netbook market with the new “Cedar Trail” Atom platform

Intel has been the biggest mainstream microprocessor maker since the beginning. Their chips have been used by numerous companies for developing some of the most amazing machines in the past century. But today’s market has expanded itself in a niche that has been quite an uncharted territory for Intel.

It is quite hard to conceive the fact that the biggest microprocessor company is not making anything for the handheld devices(read Tablets). Well, technically they are making a product that is not a good choice to any of the manufacturers of these Handheld devices. We are talking about the Atom processor from Intel here which has not been that ‘mobile’ recently.

Devices with Atom are certain to have a battery life nearly half or less than that of other devices using processors from competitor companies. It was about time Intel responded to the huge demand in this sector with a possible evolution of Atom processors.

Adopting a strategy that is a clear violation of Moore’s law, Intel is planning to give Atom three makeovers (Atom Innovation) over the next 3 years. But the question that remains unanswered is that will it be fast enough to earn Intel the necessary revenue from this target market? Also, will it really cater to his Fan-less breed of devices?

There is a strong possibility that it will not since the competitions that are already ahead of Intel will not sit around and wait for them to catch up, they will continue to develop and come up with better choices. If Intel plans to win this market or part of it, it will undoubtedly have to employ a lot more effort into it.

Curently, they are working hard on the new Atom platform called “Cedar Trail” which is expected soon. With this new processor, Intel will be able to provide wireless music, wireless display, PC synch and Fast Boot, all of which is very netbook-ish. This is the key reason to believe that there might be a shot for Intel to hold onto the ground in this Handheld market.