“Jammu & Kashmir” and “Arunachal Pradesh” are NOT a part of India (according to Google)

We had already talked about the delay in Apple products coming to India and not it seems that Google is having the same problem.

I came across this issue when I was trying to check my Google Analytics Dashboard for the traffic I am getting through India. When the India’s Map overlay page was opened, I was shocked to see that two of the Indian States were marked “grey” and none of the visitors from those stares were shown on the Map.
India's Map by Google
I wondered what may be wrong, but later realized the conflicts with China and Pakistan may be a cause for this. [China wants Arunachal Pradesh as its territory while its no secret that Pakistan is wanting Kashmir for a long time]
Pakistan's map by Google Analytics
But, the major shock came when I was checking the traffic from Pakistan. The “Jammu and Kashmir” state was not even included in its territory. Same is the case with China!

It appears that Google does not want to get into the internal politics between these countries and trying a safe approach by marking this territories as redundant (in grey texture). Looking forward to hearing your take on this situation!!

  • http://www.blog.shashankk.com shashank

    Wish Google Updates this errors asap before we Indians make it a big issue 😉

  • http://nichebloggers.org nichebloggers

    Great information i didn’t knew that will contact google support for this.
    Kashmir is ours :)

  • Bangalore

    One thing for sure! there is no one gonna have dare to touch our territories! United India.