Nokia X7 Touchscreen Symbian Phone video introduction

We just got to know about the Nokia X7 Symbian phone which is expected to come to Three soon! It seems to be a full touch-screen phone from Nokia and is expected to make its way to the market soon. Have a look at the Promo video about which we came to know about @GeekifyNokia

[The Video has been removed as it was made private by Three]

It sports a Curved Metal back which really seems tough. Also, it has a 4 inch Touchscreen and no Physical Keyboard.
Nokia X7-00

The 8MP camera with Flash supports HD video recording (no talks about 720p or 1080p).
Nokia X7
The Nokia X7 has a New Symbian OS and it is Smoother and Faster than the current Symbian^3 OS which the E7 sports.

It contains the New Symbian Browser which is 3 times faster than previous Symbian Browser.

A very good Full TouchScreen QWERTY keyboard for better typing makes the Form factor just amazing!!

  • Preethi Patel

    This is really an amazing development and mobile phone Nokia. Simply its quite better than Nokia N8.

  • scooter

    Is Symbian better or faster than Android ? What about Nokia’s apps market ? Is it big ? X7 sure looks great.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Sccoter.. The App market of Nokia is not as big as Android.. Android is surely better than Symbian!

  • scooter

    @rohit sane
    Ok thx for the info. That’s what I was afraid of…too bad because I kinda like Nokia’s phones style

  • forhad

    Wow, I think it’ll be the fastest phone ever made of nokia.

  • Robb

    It is nice to see that there will be more competition in the smart phone market. And I’m sure that after it has been out for a bit like the iPhone and android it will have a good app selection.

  • Softworld

    The new Nokia X7 seems to be like a pretty cool phone. I hope it will be able to record in 1080p.