Slingbox helps you watch TV channels on your Mobile Phones or Computer from anywhere in the world for free!

Even though Internet has taken over our addiction towards TV, TV still remains an inseparable part of our lives. We always have the desire of watching our favorite Programs, Live Sports, etc; even while on the move.

Now how do you do it? Online Live TV and Mobile TV apps are one option, but the quality offered by them is not upto the mark!

Now, here comes “SlingBox” into the picture. Slingbox is created to transform the way you watch television.

Using Slingbox, you can watch your Home TV through any Intenet connected multimedia supported device (be it a PC, Laptop, iDevice, Smartphone, etc) It gives you an ability to control practically any audio/video device like a digital cable box, a digital video player, satellite receiver or even a video camera, from anywhere in the world. Just connect your TV Cable connection(or any of the above mentioned objects) and a live Internet connection to the Slingbox Device and it will enable you to watch your Home TV anywhere you want over the Internet.
SlingBox Pro HD
Today (14th April 2011), Sling Media announced a wide range Slingbox place-shifting products in Mumbai (India) namely the Slingbox 120, Slingbox PRO-HD, SlingPlayer and SlingLink.

Raghu Tarra, Managing Director of Sling Media Inc said, “The Slingbox is a pioneer product in placeshifting technology and marks a milestone for television viewing in India.”

Here are some more details about each of the Slingbox products:

  • The Slingbox 120 streams standard-definition (SD) content and costs Rs. 7,999.
  • The Slingbox PRO-HD is priced at Rs. 14,999 for a high-definition viewing experience.
  • The SlingLink simplifies the home Internet network connection and enables fast, smooth video playback at an MRP of Rs. 4,999.
  • The SlingPlayer Mobile(iOS, Android and WP7) software is available for Download at $29.99 and can be only used along with the Slingbox PRO-HD.

Let me tell you, the prices mentioned above are introductory prices and are valid only during the IPL Cricket season 2011. Also, remember that it is a one time investment, there are no monthly subscription fees..

Slingbox devices will be available for purchase in India from the last week of April 2011 at retail outlets like Croma and Reliance Digital. It will also be available via the online store of in Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad and NCR. The service will be coming to Ahmedabad, Pune and Chennai soon.

Stay hooked for our Hands-On Review of the SlingBox which is coming soon!

  • PR@ AlmostLikeEverything!

    Hey its indeed a great device, but i have concern here, Digital Rights may be Violated when you ReBroadcast a Media specially over internet as one or more person can be able to view that , Delivered to you By First Party that is any cable operator or Any DTH service. If Rohit you in touch with Sling Media, Can you clarify This. Thanks

  • Rohit Sane

    @PR: Slingbox allows only one person to watch the transmitted AV programs.. So it is not broadcasting.. its just point-to-point connection.. So its 100% legal!!

  • Madras Geek

    seems to be an amazing device. can’t wait to get hands on when it is in chennai.

  • Abe Samir

    I have buddy that has 2 of these, and they work great, only draw back is you have to have a pretty fast internet connection.

  • Softworld

    Slingbox looks to be like a very cool device. If I were to purchase this device I will definitely go for the Slingbox PRO-HD package.
    As seen from the picture i like that it has lots of connectivity options.

  • Michael Aulia

    Never heard about this device before. Sounds really cool as I’m too lazy to go out of my bedroom to watch the TV in the living room 😀

  • FinallyFast

    Wow! Slingbox has come a long way. I remember when it only worked with PCs. Mobile integration is definitely a welcome addition. I set up a sling box at my parents house when I moved to Japan in 2007. It was the best decision ever. I watched the entire season of Grey’s anatomy live. I’ll eventually have to buy one of the newer models…though really I don’t know that I would really use it as much since I’ve moved back to the states…

  • Kiran @

    I’ve never heard of Slingbox before, but this sounds like an amazing device for on-the-go!