Sony introduces Tablets (Sony S1 & S2) with Android 3.0 Honeycomb

Finally, Sony plans to enter the Tablet market with a bang introducing the two very amazing looking Sony S1 & S2 (code names) Tablets. These Tablets are specially built for rich media entertainment and better mobile communication.

These Sony Tablets will feature the Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS, along with WiFi and other regular features for better web-browsing, emails, videos and gaming experience.

The S1 tablet is equipped with a 9.4 inch screen while the S2 is having a 5.5 inch double display and an ability to Fold for better portability.
Sony Tablets S1 and S2
Sony has used proprietary technology so that the keyboard layout is adopted for the big screen and you can work comfortably with SNS-mail and other basic functions of communication.

Sony’s network service platform “Qriocity” (Curiosity) is executed for providing content-rich video and other media. PlayStation Suite along with the classic PlayStation titles are included so that users can really enjoy the gaming experience. Also, an E-Book reading facility is provided for reading on-the-go.

The Tablets can be connected to the BRAVIA TVs using a DLNA connection and personal content such as photos and video are stored on the tablets can be viewed on the Big screen.

Both these Tablets are said to be featuring the latest NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipsets, and will go on sale during the Christmas period (December 2011)

  • Finally Fast

    Wow, this is BIG news! I think new entrants into this market is great. I love seeing products improve and prices continue to drop!

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    In the rate which android develops, I am very much feared about the iOS. Seriously apple is going to face a dip soon.

  • dave

    Great looking product. Like most tech goods, through time quality should go up and price should go down. Lets hope this trend runs true with this one!

  • Jon

    These look incredible! I’m super excited about these and the Toshiba one you mentioned earlier! As someone else alluded to android does develop extremely quickly. Unfortunately the down side to this is that different android devices get different updates at different times. This has been extremely frustrating to me as an android phone user, but hopefully the tablet updates will be better!

  • Backgammon Online

    From this two Sony tablets my favorite is the one which has 9.4 inch. I’m extremely curious if it will be able to run full HD content. It’s nice that both of these tablets have NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipsets. This means plenty of CPU and GPU power.

  • Tech News India

    Today i happened to use ipad2 and it did not excite me much. I have also tried Galaxy Tab, which was ok. But I feel S1 and S2 can actually give a good competition to iPad2 and Tab specially because of two major reasons 1. Bravia Technology and 2. Obviously Honeycomb. Waiting for it in India :)

  • samsung tablet pc

    Rohit, After Samsung Galaxy tab, which really pose a tough challenge to Apple’s iPad, more and more companies are entering this lucrative market and we may see many more tablets in Indian market in the coming months.

  • Gharghasht Afridi

    so i really liked this tablet so i want to have one of this tablet so how can i get this being in Afghanistan

  • Tablet News

    Sony S1 & S2 tablets no doubt look good, but they haven’t been as successful as they could have been. The main reason for that is that they are priced at the higher end, and people are preferring to purchase tablets that are comparatively cheaper.