Watch 3D on iPad 2 Without Glasses!

French researchers have developed a new way towards 3D technology using iPad’s front facing camera. They have found that using the front facing camera, the movement of user’s head can be tracked and that data can be used to give a 3D experience without glasses.

Previously, 3D without glasses was a concept other than the 3DS, a gaming device by Nintendo, that made it possible. The idea is pretty simple, the camera on the front side of an iPad (also on an iPhone) can be used to track any movement of the user’s head to provide necessary angling of the display that would give the 3D feel we all love to see. Implementing this idea seems very easy, but I am sure technically it is not as it seems..

There are numerous applications ranging from CAD software for providing with 3D models, better content viewing, especially comics and of course, 3D gaming. The gaming industry would then develop 3D games for other iOS devices like the iPhone and iPod that has front facing cameras.

Apple has had a great success with the iOS devices. It has been quite a while since the introduction of iPod and iPhone. Since then, competitors have been trying to take these down with their products.

But the stability of the platform has been a huge plus for Apple since app developers have made it their home ground. The sheer number of apps available for iOS devices is enough as a reason for any competitor to think about alternative approaches. They are trying to provide better value for money from their products. But, if this implementation of 3D on a iDevice takes a good shape, then it will be difficult to contain Apple with 3D technology becoming the craze..

via Electronisata

  • Abe Samir

    My brother recently purchased an Ipad 2, so I had a chance to play with it at length, and I think it’s a great device, wonder how the Playbook is going to stack up.

  • Geoff Taylor

    Very interesting. I have an iPad 2. It’s great for so many things including blogging (e.g. with BlogPress), writing (e.g. with WriteRoom or My Writing), keeping up with the news (e.g. with BBC News in the UK), catching up on TV programmes (e.g. with BBC iPlayer) and doing presentations (Keynote for iPad rocks!)
    To my mind, apart from event movies like Avatar, most 3D movies are pointless, but 3D games would be great.