Windows 8 Milestone 1 is here – Leaked through Torrent Files

Microsoft has had a bad feeling about piracy for a long time. Being a large company, Microsoft owns too many software that can attract a lot of hackers. But there is very little that can be done to prevent these incidents, so they stopped being bothered about it for a while.

Now, however, they are beginning to think about it again as Milestone 1 of the upcoming Windows 8 OS by Microsoft has been leaked on the Internet. Torrent based file sharing sites have it under a filename that suggests that this is the real deal.As a matter of fact it is so!

Microsoft has been trying to maintain somewhat secrecy about its current development of this new OS. Maybe that is why they are bothered and annoyed by this leak. But they are not being way too concerned as an analysis of the actual file being distributed suggests that this Milestone 1 is from September 22, 2010.
Windows 8 Milestone 1 Leaked
Being a distribution this old, the Milestone 1 is not much capable and also, not fully packed with features that will be available on Windows 8 according to the latest rumours. But sources have confirmed the distribution to be fully functional.

It is the original product as the legitimate sources claimed upon testing the product themselves. Microsoft is quite worried that this leaked product will spread like epidemic and cause major piracy concern for the company.

It is quite a crucial state for the upcoming OS from Microsoft that is expected to have a lot of built-in features making it more complete as a package, kind of like the Linux distributions. Only one thing that is making Microsoft happy at this moment is the fact that this old version does not have the built-in PDF reader and SmartScreen file checking and some other features announced and added recently!

  • harry

    I have checked many websites about window 8 and much of them are saying that these are just rumors.

  • Kiran @

    Technology is seriously catching up like a speed of light!

  • Abe Samir

    I’m just getting used to Windows 7, and so far I like it a lot, from what I’ve read about Win 8, it doesn’t look like a major upgrade.

  • Michael Aulia

    Saw this some time ago in a forum. Probably not worth trying or anything since the UI hasn’t changed yet (still in an early phase)

    I know UI is not everything but I love UI changes 😀

  • Softworld

    I hope I’m not wrong but as far as I can tell it was rumored that Windows 8 will have a 3d interface. Is this true?
    As for the Windows 8 Milestone 1 in my opinion there is no much to do. The internet is massive community that gathers thousands of million of users from all over the world and to stop piracy is practically impossible.

  • Rohit Sane

    @Softworld: Windows is not expected to have any 3D interface..