Android Tablets from Amazon coming this year!

Digitimes reports that Amazon are manufacturing their own Android Tablet in Asia. The Amazon Tablet (some call it Kindle Tablet) with Quanta contract placed by Amazon has an alleged value of US$ 3.5 billion and it includes the manufacturing costs of 700,000-800,000 units for this year’s peak holiday season.

Rumours were already circulating last November about Amazon’s plans to create an Android Tablet computer. Moreover the Tablet’s value-added pieces (Kindle for Android, Amazon Appstore, Amazon Cloud Player, Amazon MP3 and Amazon Video) are available and they have been continually tested and improved.

Although no information about the version Android to be used nor the hardware specification is available, one could still throw some hypotheses in the game. to bring Android Tablet

Android Honeycomb 3.0 is used solely by a handful of manufacturers (Motorola, LG, Acer, and Asus etc) and Amazon is offering a rival App Store to Google, therefore Amazon’s new device cannot possess OEM Honeycomb source code. Instead, it is possible that their Tablet runs on its own Android derivate created using the Gingerbread public source codes (wild estimate)

Most probably Amazon’s Tablet will run Gingerbread, possibly with a forked code and additional APIs and usability layers. Thus the tablet will be stable and software-compatible. The APIs could also include apps and libraries created by Amazon or licensed from other companies.

Moreover, Amazon has brought on board many Android programmers. Surely, some of them would have improved Amazon’s tablet to create a good user experience. The device also needs to have a good screen resolution and a high-quality GPU. The form is unknown, yet specialists do not expect to see an enlarged smartphone like Galaxy Tab.

Amazon’s tablet needs to be as good as iPad 2 and any other such devices in terms of hardware capability. It should be a polished product, a good device with an aggressive price-tag.

  • Prashant Rohilla

    we seriously need to get over tablets man , the market is full of it ! I think all the Companies are just following the definition, Hope Amazon tries something New .

  • Android Alex

    I´m quite excited about the new Amazon Android Tablet. It surely will be better than the IPad2 but i think the price will be nearly the same :-(