Chromebooks: First Laptops powered by Google Chrome OS (from Acer and Samsung)

Google has presented the first two laptops powered by the Google Chrome OS which will be commercially available soon. The announcement was made at the annual Google I/O conference. Acer and Samsung will manufacture the devices and orders will be taken from 15th June 2011.

According to information provided by Google, Acer and Samsung will lead the Bandwagon for manufacturing these Notebooks.
Acer Chromebook (Google OS Notebook)
The first model which is to be manufactured by Acer, has a 11.6 inch HD widescreen and is powered by an Intel Atom N570 dual core processor. The laptop has also a HD web camera with Noise cancellation Mic (and High Definition Audio support), two USB ports, an HDMI port and a 4-in-1 card reader. It weighs 1.34 kg and has a six hour battery-life.
Samsung Series-5 Chromebook (Google Chrome OS Notebook)
The second model, manufactured by Samsung and named Series 5 has a slightly bigger 12.1 inch display and is powered by the same Intel Atom processor used for the Acer model. The 16:10 aspect ratio has a 1280×800 pixel resolution. The laptop weighs 1.48 kg and is said to have a tested battery life of 8.5 hours. This Samsung Chromebook will have a Mini-VGA port in addition to the similar other features given in the Acer model.

(Note that the Specifications can change without notice)

Both these Notebooks will include a multi-touch Touchpad and an optional mode for 3G internet access. Both Notebooks run the Google Chrome OS and will boot in less than 10 seconds (8 seconds to be precise). The new operating system is based on cloud-computing architecture where most of the information is stored externally, on Google’s servers or on those of another service provider. The expression “cloud computing” refers to the manner in which information is accessed, stored and processed in a computer network. In this system, all information and apps are stored and run on a server, a network hub and are only accessed on a client-terminal, such as the new notebooks. Almost no information is stored on these terminals and their processing power can decrease because all the data processing and storage activities are taking place on a server.

In other words, all apps will run via an interface similar to a browser, and users will be able to transfer the whole user account, with all the folders and settings from one computer to another instantly, with the help of a click. You can see some details about the OS’s functions in the following videos:

Instant web

Always connected

Same experience everywhere

Amazing web apps

Forever fresh

Built-In Security

Price and Availability
These Notebooks will made available in US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Italy in the first lot for which the Orders will start from 15th June 2011 on Amazon. The sale in other countries will start a few months later.

For more information go to the Google Chromebook site.

  • greg@finallyfast

    I remember becoming quite excited when I heard that google was making laptops powered by chrome. A friend of mine was one of the people chosen to beta-test them, and he received one in the mail free of charge.

    The disappointment set in when we realized that these laptops could ONLY run the chrome browser, and that’s it! I thought google was creating an entire “chrome” OS, akin to linux or windows.
    But this looks like it might be what I’ve been waiting for…

  • samsung tablet pc

    If I get an opportunity, I will go for Samsung laptop, as it will have a slight bigger screen with quite good resolution but only after I see full reacttion from the users. It is little bit of disappointing that we will have to wait for this laptop for a few months.

  • ChromeBookBox

    With HDMI, Acer chromebooks better than samsung.

  • Speed Up Computer

    Well done here! I never knew that there is this Chrome book that is powered by Google Chrome until I came across. It is another trend to the technology world and I am pretty sure a lot of people will check this new innovation.

  • NewlyWebProgress

    Acer seems better because it has an HDMI port, but 6 hours battery-life is not enough, and with 3G or WiFi on it comes at about 4 hours.
    Maybe the Acer has a 6 cell battery (not 6 hours).
    But, I like Samsung more, because it has a battery life of 8.5 hours (about 6 hours with 3G or WiFi on), and has a nice design.