Free Essential tools for Web Designing

There are billions of websites on the Internet and many website owners have realized that standing out from the crowd can be difficult. The content of the site not only has to be relevant and helpful, but the layout of everything should be user-friendly and pleasant to look at, as well. So the perfect combination of looks as well as information makes a successful and popular website. Even though it can be a little tricky to strike the proper balance, some of the web-design tools can be of great help.

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Have a look at some of them given below:

Browser Shots – This does not occur to many web masters, but the layout of a site is not necessarily viewed as it should be in certain online browsers. In other words, some browsers may not be able to handle or read the layout as well as others, causing it to look buggy and unorganized. It is therefore important for a designer to check their site on various browsers using Browser Shots. If there are any problems they can then be fixed in a quick and timely manner. This method is called Cross Browser testing.

Adobe Photoshop – Photoshop has long been declared essential by people who not only put websites together, but by other aspects of media as well. Photographers have learned that they can change the brightness of their images, crop out parts that they do not like, and so on. Students have learned that with a little research they can put together collages and other things for school. No matter what project a person may want to tackle, this tool can help them get there. When it comes to layouts, Photoshop can help create something attractive and professional regardless of topic.

Firebug – Firebug is a tool that can be “attached” to the browser. Its a Browser Addon which can be installed in the browser (popular in Firefox). Its purpose is simple; to help anyone that wants to learn more about how a certain part of a layout is structured. Some designers may for example wonder how a site managed to make the text for links larger when clicked on, among other tricks. All they need to do is click on the Firebug icon located at the bottom of the browser, and they will learn more about that specific trick. Aside from worrying about the best hosting service for their site, a web designer should not have to spend hours researching how to do one piece of coding.

MeasureIt – MeasureIt is another Firefox tool that can assist those that wish to have a good site layout. MeasureIt helps a person that wants to figure out how big something is on a page, such as an image. Although not as helpful as Firebug, it is still something that anyone serious about website layouts should look into. On top of finding the right web hosting companies, it does not hurt to use this tool, as it helps is approximating the required Bandwidth and other details.

  • fred@finallyfast

    I have been an advocate of BrowserShots for years. This is an indispensable tool for web designers. One tool I wasn’t aware of is Firebug — this one sounds really useful and I’m definitely going to check it out.

    I think Photoshop is kind of a “duh!” recommendation, but overall a great list!


  • Fresno Dentist

    Thanks for this list. Ive always been a fan of photoshop. So its nice to that there are others.

  • solaris training

    You need to add colorzilla for your next article! Colorzilla makes color matches soo easyyy….