Possible Leaked iPhone 5 Photos Analyzed by “Photoshoppers”

Recently, the Internet has blown up with alleged pictures of the anticipated iPhone 5, which is believed to be sometime in September of 2011.  The content of said pictures were highly questioned among the iPhone community, and debate soon followed. Two members of the popular site iFans named Appman and Kurt178, separately investigated these photos, then combined their results to reach a more certain answer as to what each photo depicted.

Credit: Appman, Kurt178 from iFans.com (Click to enlarge)

You can also look at our Great collection of so-called Leaked iPhone 5 photos.

The goal of this intense Photoshop investigation was to see if these leaked photos truly show the backplate of the iPhone 5. Although none of this can be conclusive enough to be certain, the time and effort needed to fake such images would have to be done by either professional photo editors and/or someone who spent a very, very long time on each pixel of the images. The chance of this happening are slim, yet it could still be the case. This is not the first time images of iPhone (or the iPhone itself) have been leaked (pre-launch) to the world, so it is all very possible.

As said before, we can expect the iPhone 5 at any point this year, but most likely it will hit the stores this September. There are rumours that the Expected launch date of June 2011 for the iPhone 5 has been extended and also that it will be called the iPhone 4GS. The announcement for this new iPhone and other Mac OS X related things will most likely be announced at an Apple event this summer (either June or July or later).

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    I am happy with my iphone 4 and couldn’t care less about 5 :)

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    but i am not happy iPhone 3, i like is iPhone 4/5.. love u