How Good is the Samsung Galaxy S 2 Battery life?

Samsung Galaxy S II is the first true rival for iPhone 4. Actually “rival” is too weak a word because the device incorporates better hardware than Apple’s terminal. The GSMArena team have carried out some tests to see what the battery autonomy of Galaxy S II is. They have done a series of tests, but the most important one is the test they used the terminal for performing various tasks to see how long the battery would last.
Samsung Galaxy S 2 Battery
Here are the tasks they threw at Galaxy S II when its 1650 mAh battery was fully charged:

  • 90 minutes of playing videos and movies
  • 2 hours of music playing
  • 40 minutes for voice calls
  • 30 minutes of GPS navigation
  • 30 minutes of general UI usage
  • 10 minutes of internet browsing
  • 10 minutes of video recording and photo taking
  • 20 minutes of Angry Birds playing

Total usage time comes out to be 350 minutes (5 hours and 50 minutes) and the Handset worked for 82 hours before switching off!

Samsung Galaxy S II has a 4.3-inch display which is responsible for almost half of the battery consumption. It is powered by a dual-core chip and a 1650 mAh battery, which exceeds iPhone’s battery by 250 mAh. Its day-to-day battery life is comparable to iPhone 4 whose battery can last just as long or even longer if users do not use push notifications.

During web browsing tests, Samsung Galaxy S II’s battery drained after just four and half hours, irrespective of the browser used, but iPhone 4’s battery lasted for up to 7 hours of continuous browsing, according to the test performed. As for video playing, Samsung Galaxy S II reaches an 8 hour autonomy, long enough for users to watch a few episodes of their favorite TV series.

Taking into account the Test results, Samsung Galaxy II is okay in terms of battery autonomy, but surely better than its predecessor Galaxy S!

  • amit

    Nice one. But cant compare wid bb tab.

  • Mark9

    An exelent model phone but battery time is still lower then iphone