Visa’s Digital Wallet for Online Payments

Visa has announced that they will launch a Digital Wallet and services platform for NFC payments this autumn in US.

The company informed that their next generation payments solutions will combine the security and reliability that Visa’s point-of-sale payments offer with Digital eCommerce, Mobile and Social Networking Commerce.

Visa will introduce the digital wallet in countries with strong epayments infrastructure and developed mobile networks. The Wallet will support NFC payments via the Visa payWave app, store Visa and non-Visa payment accounts. It will also support various transaction services like Micropayments, person-to-person payment, eCommerce etc.

Visa’s Digital Wallet is supported by many important financial establishments such as: Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU), Pentagon Federal Credit Union, Regions Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, US Bank etc.

US and Canadian users can expect to put their hands on the Digital Wallet this autumn.

The wallet could include the following features:

  • Click-to-buy: User can buy products online by entering only an email address and password, the account number and expiration date (One-Click)
  • Cross-channel payments solution: The wallet operates with various Visa and non-Visa payments account in various payment environments
  • Merchant offers: Users can chose to receive discounts and promotions from merchants that support Visa digital wallet

Visa will adapt their Digital Wallet services to each market. For example, they will try to encourage Russians and Indians to use their Credit Cards more often and will work with African authorities to develop the electronic payment infrastructure.

  • Friendinlove

    Nokia 3220 aka Shaggy launched somewhere in 2004 had this RFID and was capable reading NFC. In London here matercard/mastro are promoting ticket less traveling. We use oyster card to tap and gain access in buses, coach, river cruises, trams, DLR, underground tubes, overground trains and national rail(That completes all the modes of public transport in London) but you have to top-up just like your mobile phone. But phones with NFC chip will allow to gain access by just touching phone and the money will be deducted from the linked bank account.
    Lets see in India when is this launching!!!