WWDC 2011 – What to Expect?

WWDC 2011, anticipated as a “software-only” event from Apple, is right around the corner. It will be held from 6-10 June 2011, in San Francisco. The supposed iPhone 5 (or rumoured iPhone 4GS), which many people in the tech community have been talking about, may be announced at WWDC 2011, but NOT released until a later date this year (possibly September). Nothing is certain as of yet…

We are presenting our expectations from this event as the seats for attending this event have already been sold out, so you wont be able to attend it in person(unless you have already booked a seat). But you can surely get to know the details after the event ends..

WWDC 2011 (Future of iOS and Mac OS X)

Software Speculations

Apple iOS presentation

Expectations from iOS 5

iOS has gone through a lot and is constantly evolving. From the App Store days of 2.0 to the multitasking days of 4.0, iOS has obtained countless amounts of new features and improvements. With 4.0, we saw new features like multitasking, homescreen wallpapers, in-app purchasing, etc. Now with iOS 5, we can expect even more! The current rumors/speculations pertaining to iOS 5 are that it will be completely revamped. Some new additions may be:

  • New notification system (SMS messages, Emails, etc.)
  • New UI (User Interface)
  • Widgets (Similar to widgets for Mac OS X, like Weather/Translation widgets, etc.)
  • Possibly a new SpringBoard design (where all the application icons are present)

Mac OS X Lion expectations

Mac OS X Lion
Lion, which will be version 10.7 of the Mac operating system, has already been previewed to registered developers of Apple. We expect its launch at this event! Check out this page on Apple’s website to see all of the incredible new features that are bundled with the Mac OS Lion.

As said earlier, this is expected to be only a software event. If a new iPhone is released, it will be a surprise to the tech community! After WWDC 2011 is over, we will update you with all the information you need to know about the cool things that Apple announced/released! Stay tuned..