Facebook Facial Recognition: More privacy concerns arise!

Facebook has been talking about introducing the Facial recognition feature to all the accounts after testing it with selected users. And they have already started enabling this feature on more and more accounts.

What does this feature do? And, Why are people talking about privacy issue regarding it?
This feature suggests TAGs to photos which the users upload. To make it clear, if I upload a few photos of my friends, then Facebook will automatically suggest me to Tag the photos in which some of my Facebook friends are present.
Now, how would Facebook know, WHOM to suggest? Facebook will use your existing photos for suggesting other users to tag you. So, you can be tagged easily in all the photos of you uploaded by your friends too!

The good part about this feature is, you need not tag each of the photo where your friend is present one-by-one. Facebook will show you the option to tag all the photos with just one single click.

So, this is making our lives all very simple, Right? We will be able to tag all the photos easily! But there are some key points which we must have a closer look at.

Firstly, why is Facebook rolling out such a feature? It may be to ease the photo tagging process for the users. But it may also have an hidden agenda!

More than 200 million photos are uploaded on Facebook everyday and it has an user-base of 600 million accounts. If people start tagging photos using the automated suggestions, Facebook will soon know how you look and who are the people you hang out with the most and more such details. This will make Facebook a very dangerous tool in future which would know nearly everything about you!

It also seems that Facebook by default allows all your photos to be suggested for tagging automatically, unless you specifically disable this feature(Opt-Out feature) So, people who are unaware of this are already getting their privacy compromised to some level.

How to Disable this feature so that no suggestions of your Name are shown in photos in which you are present? Follow the steps:
Account >> Account Settings >> Privacy >> Customize Settings >> Suggest photos of me to friends
Facebook Facial Recognition (Disabled)
Click on Edit Settings and mark it as Disabled as shown in the image! (I have disabled this feature)

It seems that Facebook does have some evil intentions. I would suggest, keeping a close look at your Privacy Settings page from time to time for any changes. As the Opt-Out option is made default, it may lead to a lot of misunderstanding to people unaware of the working details of the site, leaving them exposed. You may never know if you are automatically Opted-In for some service you never asked for!

  • http://www.7chip.com sibin

    Hi,Nice post.I don’t like Facial recognition

  • http://www.linkedin.com/company/ascentive-software greg from ascentive

    I heard this story last week but didn’t realize it had actually been implemented and has already taken effect! Yikes. I don’t like this at all. I’m glad I found this article b/c I am now going to disable this function following the steps provided. Thanks.