Technology inspired Gifts for your Dad on the Occasion of Father’s Day!

Father’s day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in the month of June every year. Its a perfect occasion for showing your love for your Dad and making him feel special. All these years, your Dad has been supporting and taking care of you and Father’s Day is the time when you must pay your regards to him and make him proud and happy.

Selecting a Gift for your Dad may be a very tough job, so we have tried to give some suggestions to ease the process for you. You can have a look at some of these Technology inspired Gift ideas and get a clue of what may help your Dad in his daily life.

Dropbox account
Most of you would have heard of dropbox! Dropbox is a utility by which you can upload files to the cloud and access it anywhere using an Internet connection. As people is today’s world are mostly connected on-the-go, it is a very good tool to store files without having to save it locally. You can tell your Dad about his utility and help him register from a free Dropbox account which offers 2 GB of storage space and can be upgraded for more storage requirements too.

iPod nano
iPod nano is a music player from the iPod family which delivers brilliant music quality. One can store music or listen to FM through this small touch-screen device. Its small size makes it ultraportable and can be carried anywhere you go, be it the Gym, Office or while travelling.

Mobile phone Car charger
If your dad is among the ones who travel a lot with the car, then its quite possible that there would be times where his Mobile Phone battery is about to die. For such people Portable chargers are a very good option, for charging mobile phones while travelling in the car. In most cases this charger is fitted into the Lighter slot and an AC voltage supply is applied.

Bluetooth Headset for Cell Phone (or a comfortable Hands-Free)
We have recently talked about effects of mobile radiation on human health. If your dad has to receive a lot of calls, then a comfortable Mobile Headset is a need. You can gift him a Bluetooth headset for wireless ease or a comfortable wired one. It will also keep his Hands free to do other work while talking on phone!

High capacity Laptop battery
If your dad uses his Laptop or Netbook on the go, then he would surely be happy with a long battery life for his device! For such people, a Spare Laptop battery is a best gift! Some Notebooks have a detachable battery, if your Dad uses one of those then you can gift him a 9-Cell or a larger Notebook battery. Some Notebooks do not have external batteries for maintaining the looks, so you can get his battery upgraded to a higher capacity.

Good Wireless Headphones
Headphones are used by nearly everyone, be it for listening to Music, or watching TV wirelessly. A Good pair of Wireless Headphones may do wonders for the sound quality of your device. A comfortable pair also helps in relaxing and enjoying the music!

Ebook Reader
If your Dad loves to read different books, then an Ebook Reader is a very good option for gifting him. You can download Ebooks from the Internet and load it into your Ebook reader for reading whenever you want. You can have 100s of Ebooks saved in your Ebook reader and can enjoy them wherever you want. It would save you a lot of space at home in storing those books too. Amazon Kindle and Infibeam Pi are a few good option you may consider.

Cellphone Cover
If you are on a low budget and wish to give your dad something which he will use daily, then a Cool cellphone cover is the best option. There are a variety of cellphone covers available. Some of them just make the Phone look attractive, while some actually help in making it tough by creating a protective layer over it. You can decide the best one for your dad!

Slingbox is a device which basically allows you to watch your Home TV on any Internet connected device via the Internet. It can also be used to monitor a security camera or to enjoy your Home entertainment on the go. You may wonder how is it better than the Mobile TV apps, then I can tell you that this is just a one time investment and you can use it for lifetime! The streaming quality of the Television is good and you can watch all the channels which are available on your Home TV. It may prove a very good gift if your Dad wants to enjoy his home entertainment while on-the-move.

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