Recharge your Mobile Phones using your Orange Sound Charge T-Shirt

You may well have a new way to charge your Mobile Phones! Just plug your phones to your T-Shirt and you start re-charging your phone.

Sounds cool? Of course it does; and it may soon be a reality!

Mobile Leaders, Orange have released a prototype T-Shirt for the people who plan to visit the Glastonbury Festival for watching and hearing music bands live in action!

The T-Shirts will effectively use noise-responsive technology, for generating some quick top-up charge which may help you charge your phone whenever you need it!

The Glastonbury Festival will also be a testing ground for these cool T-Shirts, as Orange UK will be making key observations like, “which activities cause a lot to charge to generate” and “which activities enable maximum charging of phones” around the ‘Spirit of 71’ stage.

Tony Andrews, co-producer of the Spirit of 71 said, “Sound vibrations, particularly Bass Frequencies, will create enough shaking to produce electricity from a piezoelectric material as simple as film.”

Orange Sound Charge Prototype Tshirt

“It looks like it could provide a real solution to mobile charging and I’m interested to see how the Orange Sound Charge performs when it is tested in a live environment such as Glastonbury”, he added.

Andrew Pearcey, head of sponsorship at Orange UK appeared quite affirmative in the selection of the Glastonbury festival as a testing place for this prototype T-Shirt.

We just need to wait for sometime before these T-Shirts would be available for release to consumers. After all, they are just in the testing phase as-of-now.

  • kavita@gadgetforgeek

    wao what a technology. these days technology is changing like a blink of eye.We can see how well the future of this technology be. great info

  • Samsung tablet

    This is going to be reality in near future. Thankd for sharing it.