Samsung GT-S9500 to be the next Bada Phone Samsung Wave III

We recently talked about the leaked Samsung Bada 2 Operating System. Now, we have a new Phone to talk about!

Samsung Wave was the first phone to feature Samsung’s very own Bada Operating system. Its successor came to be known as the Samsung Wave 2 Smartphone which featured the Bada OS too..

Today we noted an astonishing tweet from one of the most authoritative and reliable sources!

Samsung Wave 3 (GT-S9500)

According to a tweet sent from @SamFirmware account, we can confirm that Samsung is going to bring out the GT-S9500 model which will be the Samsung Wave 3 Smartphone.

No more information was leaked, but we wonder if the Bada 2.01 OS will be used in the Samsung Wave III or no. But, we do expect the Wave 3 to feature the new upgraded OS!

  • fred@finally fast

    Samsung are quickly becoming a competent competitor in the smartphone arena. This Korean company was originally viewed as a producer of budget or third-rate hardware (and actually still is in some Asian countries like Japan). However in recent years they’ve proven themselves to be makers of quality hardware. Good job Samsung!