Unlocked iPhone 4 Released by Apple in United States

Yes, you read that correctly. Apple recently released a new unlocked iPhone 4, so that those who prefer not having to be trapped by a 2-year contract with AT&T can have some freedom. This move by Apple was a big surprise, as unlocking iPhones has been a part of the jailbreak community since the iPhone’s debut in 2007.

Now as awesome as this sounds, it comes at a high price. For a 16 GB unlocked iPhone, you must pay $649.00; if you want a 32 GB unlocked iPhone, you must pay a whopping $749.00. However, if you have needed an unlocked iPhone all this time, the price may just be worth it.

iPhone 4 Unlocked for Sale

Keep it mind that these new unlocked iPhones are for GSM networks (AT&T, T-Mobile) because of the use of a SIM card, (Verizon Wireless is a CDMA network). The jailbreak community experienced a lull in the development of iPhone unlocking solutions, as the jailbreaking community is working on the recently released iPad 2.

The iPhone Dev Team has shown no sign of any new unlock for recent firmware versions, so this release by Apple is definitely a huge relief for a large group of people. The iPad 2 jailbreak is “actively being worked on” by the Chronic Dev Team, but iPad 2 users are growing impatient. Also, people have started getting confused whether to buy this unlocked iPhone for wait for 2-3 more months for the new iPhone 5.

There is no news regarding the release of unlocked iPhones for the international community as Apple has shown no signs of offering the unlocked iPhone 4 all over the world.