Contest: KUBE Player Giveaway!

Its a few months since we organised a contest, and we thought its high time we do it! But what should we give away as prize? This question troubled us for some time, but finally we have found the right choice!.

We are going to give away the KUBE Player as a gift!

We have planned to keep the contest very simple so that all of you can participate and have a good chance of winning it. Even if you miss the Free KUBE player, you still have a good change to get it for cheap.

Read our Review of the KUBE Player!

Colored KUBE players

Contest Information

Anyone in the legal territory of India can take part in the contest!
The Contest will run from 18th July 2011 to 31st July 2011.

Prizes for grabs

First Prize: The KUBE Player (1 unit)
Consolation Prizes: 40% Discount Coupons for the KUBE Player! You can get the KUBE player in just Rs. 1700 (3 units)

So there are a total of 4 prizes up for grabs!

How to take part in the Contest (compulsory steps)

Step 1: Like the Facebook Fan Page of Tech-Freak Stuff and KUBE Player India
Step 2: Answer the Question asked HERE
Step 3: Share the Question with your Friends on Facebook (using the Share option)
Step 4: Share this contest page on Facebook!

Selection of winners

The person who Answers the question correctly and get the maximum number of Likes to his comment will win!

Three people following the winner, who answer the question correctly and get maximum number of likes to their answer will win discount coupons!

(Tip: Ask your Facebook Friends to like your answer)


Prizes will be sent to the winners within one week of announcement of results!

What are you waiting for guys? Jump into the contest and be ready to get some goodies!!

  • Rakesh Narang

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway, i though kube player was some Chinese gadget, but it is a branded mp3 player, i want to win this one. Thanks again.

  • Rakesh Narang

    I want to know when would the results of this contest be announced, a week from now???

  • Rohit Sane

    As mentioned, contest will get over on 31st July and we will declare the result within 3 days after the contest is over!

  • greg ascentive

    Nice, I love these little things! I saw some positive reviews of them and it seemed to stick in my mind because of the cool design.

    I would love to walk around listening to some tunes on the kube.

  • sup

    nice contest… im lovin it…;)

  • Rajan Balana @ DreamBloggers

    Done all, I hope I am also in :)

  • freebiesbuzz

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    as well as visitors. Hope so it works fine for you.

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