First Animated TATTOO: Comes to life using the iPhone QR code reader!

I know that the idea of an animated TATTOO is pretty hard to digest! But, it has been implemented, even though not in the exact literal terms.

An animated TATTOO was created using an QR code as a part of a marketing campaign of a Whiskey brand named “Ballantine’s”. The QR code was drawn as a part of the TATTOO which is scanned using the QR code reader app from an iPhone.

On scanning, it gets connected to a Youtube video and starts playing!
QR code of animated tattoo
Animated Tattoo QR code
This TATTOO has been created by a Paris based TATTOO artist named K.A.R.L on 16th June 2011 for a promotional Marketing campaign. The person on whom the TATTOO was drawn is Marco. He had to get his chest shaved before the TATTOO was drawn.

Even though using QR code and scanning it to get connected to the Youtube video is not a big things in today’s world. But, the idea of using this feature as a TATTOO and that too for a Marketing Campaign of a company, really needs praise!