Next Gen Transparent and Flexible electrodes developed

As all the gadgets seem to grow smaller and smaller day by day, the need for thin-film and highly flexible material is on the rise. Due to the ever increasing demand of Smartphones touch screens, LED and LCD displays, Solar cells, etc; the need for transparent and highly flexible electrodes for creating Displays is on the rise.

South Korean and U.S scientists have jointly developed a transparent and flexible electrode which can be used for varied applications like LCD displays, Solar cells, Tablets and Smartphone touch screens, and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays for Televisions and Computer monitors.

Flexible & Transparent Material
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These electrodes will soon act as a substitute to indium-doped tin oxide (ITO) displays earlier used in different display screens. This new substance is stretchable, flexible, and stiff and rigid at the same time, which will help in creating various stable deformed shapes.

This bendable electrode was created by scientists from Korea University and Ames Laboratory under the U.S Department of Energy.

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    This technology is also used in the productions of ego friendly products!

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    The “transparent and flexible electrode” is really an impressive technology and I have also never seen anything like this before and I am once its going to be completed with all the nice tech things then it will surely going to amaze people a lot. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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    for the new era dis is just amazing

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    Looked like cellartape at first, lol, yeah screen to need to be thinner for the battery can be fatter. More power for longer 😀

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    We are going to be seeing this technology in consumer electronics very soon.

    This is very cool!