The KUBE Player Review (MP3 Music player)

These days we do not want to consider buying anything which isn’t small and portable! The looks, the feel and the features are equally important and a perfect package is what we consider while buying any Electronic product. All the above hold true, in the case of an MP3 player too!

We recently had a chance to have our Hands-on an MP3 player called the KUBE Player. You may wonder about the name, but it seems to have come from its shape which is a perfect “Cube”! Lets get some more idea about this Singapore made product!

The Box Contents

  • The Kube Player
  • 2GB MicroSD card
  • MicroSD USB card reader
  • USB charging cable
  • Earphones
  • Sponge Earphone covers

Look and Feel
The Kube player is in a perfect cube shape with dimensions 23mm x 23mm x 23mm. It has four buttons on 4 different surfaces. The ON/OFF button is placed exactly opposite to the surface which has the microSD card slot, the mini USB slot and the 3.5mm Audio Jack.
The KUBE player
The other three faces of the KUBE come with the Forward, Backward and Play/Pause buttons. The face exactly opposite to the Play/Pause button has “the KUBE” written on it which is the name of this pocket music player!

The Player weighs just 18 grams and comes in 5 different colours namely Pink, Black, Green, Yellow and White. The small coloured cube shared MP3 player seems very attractive.
Colored KUBE players
Features and Specifications
The KUBE Player charges via the USB cable and its Lithium Polymer battery is charged to its full capacity in just one hour. It gives a play time of upto 6 continuous hours!

The microSD card slot supports capacities upto 32GB which can fit more than 8000 songs at a time! It comes with a 2GB card on purchase.

It can play different formats of audio files including MP3, MPEG (1 and 2), WMA, MIDI, WAV and PCM. Its frequency response ranges from 18Hz – 22kHz which is quite good.

The three buttons namely, the Forward, Backward and Play/Pause are multi-purpose! The long-press on the Forward button increases the volume, the long-press on the Backward button decreases the volume while the long-press on the Play/Pause button refreshes the device and play a random song.

One sad part is that the songs are played in alphabetical order only!

Usage Experience
We first used the microSD card reader to put in some songs into the card for experiencing it on the KUBE player. All went well and we inserted the card into the MP3 player, turned it ON, and it worked just perfect with the 3.5 mm audio jack. We also tried to use some speakers with the 3.5 mm jack and no problems were faced!
KUBE MP3 Player Box
While carrying around the player, it shows a bulge in the pocket which may seem weird if you are carrying it in wrong places. We just wished, it would come with a clip which could have made the fixing easy! The small cube shape seems very easy to hold and use and the usage pattern is also self-explanatory with the signs shown on all the buttons.

The Bass sounds a little flatter, but we were quite okay with it! No problems with any other music elements were observed.

The Ear buds which come with the box are pretty good, but music freaks would love to have their personal ones to enjoy better quality music. The Buds seems a little uncomfortable to wear as they come with just one wire making way for the two ear buds. Talking about the audio quality, we need to say that it is quite good compared to the price you are paying for this player. The problem we talked about the Bass effect can be minimized if you use good quality headphones with this player!

Price and Verdict
In the Indian market, this player is price at Rs. 2900 while its available at £15 in UK. At this price, the player seems to be a little overpriced when you can get the iPod shuffle at just a few hundreds more. About Rs. 500-700 discount on this player would really make it a steal. I would recommend this player to everyone who are looking for a cheaper alternative to an iPod Shuffle.

We give it a 3.5/5 for its amazing looks and features!!

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  • greg from ascentive

    This is really cool! I’ve never seen these things before. I love the cube design… it’s kind of amazing to think that a tiny cube would be able to hold dozens and dozens of my precious cassette tapes I was collecting in the 80s as a child.