New Blackberry Curve Smartphones: 9350, 9360 and 9370

Blackberry O.S 7 reaches the Blackberry curve family. Research In Motion announced their new range of BlackBerry 7 Curves consisting of 3 models BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370. The all-new BlackBerry Curve 9350, BlackBerry Curve 9360 and BlackBerry Curve 9370 Smartphones are exciting additions to the popular BlackBerry Curve series. Known to be friendly on the pocket, the Curve series has always been in demand among casual users.

Some Specifications

  • BlackBerry Curve 9350 : CDMA with 512MB of RAM / 512MB of storage / GPS / NFC / 800MHz / 480×360 res / WiFi
  • BlackBerry Curve 9360 : GSM Tri-Band UMTS/Quad-Band EDGE with 512MB / 512MB of storage / GPS / NFC / 800MHz / 480×360 res / WiFi
  • BlackBerry Curve 9370 : CDMA/EVDO/Quad-Band EDGE with 512MB of RAM / 1GB of storage / GPS / NFC / 800MHz / 480×360 res / WiFi

The new Curve 93XX series will run on a 800 MHz processor and will be equipped with a 1000 mAh battery. The 2.44 inch (480×360 pixel) Transmissive TFT LCD display and a host of other features make this segment of the Smartphone market really spiced up!

Some of the Improved features include:
BlackBerry 7 OS
The new curve 9300 series is loaded with power packed BlackBerry 7 O.S with next generation BlackBerry browser which combines the dramatically improved performance of the advanced WebKit browser engine with the hardware enhancements. Additional enhancements to this next generation BlackBerry browser have also enabled smoother navigation and optimized HTML5 performance for incredible gaming and video experiences. BlackBerry 7 OS also includes a number of other pre-loaded applications and integrated functionality for increased productivity and collaboration right out of the box. With blackberry O.S 7, a new version of Blackberry messenger 6 will entice all the buyers.

New Blackberry Curve Smartphone (9350-9360-9370)

5MP Camera with LED Flash, NFC, etc
The new BlackBerry Curve Smartphones are slim, stylish and simply beautiful. They are ergonomically designed with a comfortable and iconic keyboard for fast, accurate typing and an optical trackpad for easy, one-handed navigation. GPS and Wi-Fi support are also included. But the main point which was lacking in earlier Blackberry Curve models was the Camera. Hence the new curve series sport a much advance version of  5MP camera with flash and video recording so that memories can be captured and instantly shared on social networks. The microSD/SDHC slot supports up to 32 GB memory cards for additional media storage.

Powerful hardware enhancements including upgraded processors, displays and memory, and built-in support for NFC (Near Field Communications), a new technology that is enabling many exciting connectivity capabilities, including the ability to pair accessories or read SmartPoster tags with a simple tap of the smartphone.

The phones will come loaded with the premium version of Documents To Go (a mobile-based document reader) and BlackBerry Protect, which allows owners to locate their lost or stolen phone using GPS. The updated Social Feeds (2.0) app has been extended to capture updates from media, podcasts, and favorites all in one consolidated view. The new Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones (2.0) app introduces features like Facebook chat and BBM integration that makes it easier for users to connect with their Facebook friends in real time utilizing push notifications.

Launch and Price
New Blackberry Curve series is expected to hit Indian Stores by Mid-September 2011 and the expected price is around the Rs. 15,000-20,000 range. These Smartphones will be made available in Canada within a week’s time and there is no official talk about the pricing and release dates!

  • Kiran @

    No doubt I love BB. It was my first smartphone. But the only problem I have is that they need to be more competitive by opening up the market for more apps built around BB.

  • Samsung Tablet

    Kiran I agree with you that BB provides excellent smartphone usage and really awesome services but in recent past many well known smartphone manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC has come up with excellent smartphones with a reasonable and affordable price and that;s why I foresee a decline in BB share particularly in Indian market.

  • Ashutosh Nigam

    new stylish smartphones launched by BlackBerry

  • vhien

    Blackberry phones are stylish and one of the leading brands that contains latest technology and applications that made it a top pick in the market. BlackBerry Curve 9350, 9360 and 9370 are must-have items!

  • Namanyay Goel | Technologically Sane

    The New Curve is Cool… but, for existing curve owners like me, it is a dissapointment. And, the price is tooo high. Lets see how it turns out…

  • Richindesign

    I love the look of this new Blackberry i may have to get me one of theese

  • Samsung Printer Repair

    I’ve been into blackberry using it for a year and they are really great in terms of creating such technology, but after Samsung had released it’s Galaxy S2 now I found out that Android phones are much powerful.

  • Social Media News

    After blackberry blackout this launch is surely gona help to get the customers, otherwise they need to keep maintaining their standards by making services alive for all time.