Philips showcases its entire Music Range with the “Feel The Music” Campaign

Philips launched “Feel The Music” campaign in India at a musical event held in Mumbai on 11th August 2011. With the sole purpose of delivering sound in its purest form to the consumers, a new range of products designed around the Feel the Music philosophy were introduced. This campaign is basically the Indianized version of the Philips’ global Obsessed With Sound (OWS) campaign.

An announcement regarding the new Brand ambassadors for Philips Lifestyle Entertainment was made, and they were Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy. The trio said, “We share the same vision of delivering the sound in its purest form to the listeners so that they can feel the emotions and feelings in the music and hence it’s an honour to be associated with a brand like Philips that has been obsessed with sound for over 80 years. As a musician we always want our music to sound best and Philips helps it make possible.” They also played few songs for the audience present at the event!
Philips GoGear Cam Media Player
Anjan Bose, Business Head and VP, Consumer Lifestyle, Philips India, said “Each Philips product is tailored to suit the specific needs of the Indian consumers. Products designed around the Feel The Music philosophy is empowered by latest and innovative technologies such as ambisound, 3D angled speakers to evenly disperse sound, Full sound technology, unique touch controls, powerful speakers with double basspipes and many more.”

The following products were showcased at the event :

S.No Product Name Product Code Price
1 Corded Microphone SBCMD110/01 Rs.499.00;
2 Digital PhotoFrame 8″ Multimedia 4:3 frame ratio SPF4008/10 Rs.7,490.00
3 Digital PhotoFrame 7″ 16:9 frame ratio SPF1017/10 Rs.4,990.00
4 Digital PhotoFrame 10.4″ Multimedia 4:3 frame ratio SPF5010/10 Rs.11,990.00
5 Digital PhotoFrame with battery 8″ Multimedia 4:3 frame ratio SPH8008/10 Rs.10,990.00
6 Fidelio Docking speaker SBD7500/10 Rs.5,990.00
7 Speaker Dock SBD7000/10 Rs.5,990.00
8 Fidelio Docking speaker DS1100 Rs.  4,999.00
9 Fidelio Docking speaker DS7550 Rs. 8,999.00
10 Fidelio Docking speaker DS 9000 Rs.38,999.00
11 Fidelio Docking speaker (To be launched in Q3) DS8530 Rs.14,999.00
12 7000 series Blu-ray Disc player 3D playback WiFi-Ready Black aluminum BDP7500B2/51 Rs.17,990.00
13 Blu-ray Disc player BD-Live USB2.0 Media Link DivX Ultra BDP2700/51 Rs.9,990.00
14 DVD player DVP3568/94 Rs.4,499.00
15 Component DVD micro system MCD110/94 Rs.4,999.00
16 DVD soundmachine USB Tape AZ5740/98 Rs.5,999.00
17 DVD player DVP3556/94 Rs.4,299.00
18 DVD player DVP3526/94 Rs.3,799.00
19 DVD player DVP3520/94 Rs.3,499.00
20 DVD player DVP3510/94 Rs.2,999.00
21 DVD player DVP3356/94 Rs.4,299.00
22 CD Soundmachine Compact design MP3-CD Black AZ302/98 Rs.2,299.00
23 CD Soundmachine Lifestyle design USB AZ1837/73 Rs.3,799.00
24 CD Soundmachine MP3-CD Tape AZ1047/98 Rs.2,999.00
25 CD Soundmachine Multisource ripping USB Tape AZ1852/98 Rs.4,999.00
26 Blu-ray Player (To be launched in June 2011) BDP5200/98 Rs.10,990.00
27 Blu-ray Player (To be launched in June 2011) BDP3200/98 Rs.8,990.00
28 SoundBar Home Theatre Blu-ray 3D playback with ambisound HTS 9140/51 Rs. 71,990.00
29 SoundBar Home Theatre Blu-ray 3D playback with ambisound HTS 7140/98 Rs. 61,990.00
30 Immersive Sound Home theater 3D Angled Speakers Blu-ray 3D playback HTS5590/51 Rs.40,990.00
31 SoundBar Home theater DVD playback HTS5120/51 Rs.31,990.00
32 Immersive Sound Home theater 3D Angled Speakers HDMI 1080p HTS5550/94 Rs.25,990.00
33 Immersive Sound Home theater 3D Angled Speakers Blu-ray 3D playback HTS5560/51 Rs.35,990.00
34 Immersive Sound Home theater 3D Angled Speakers HDMI 1080p HTS5540/94 Rs.23,990.00
35 Immersive Sound Home theater 3D Angled Speakers HDMI 1080p HTS5530/94 Rs.16,990.00
36 Sound Home Theatre HTS5520 Rs. 12,990.00
37 Immersive Sound Home theater Blu-ray Disc playback HTS3560/51 Rs.21,990.00
38 Immersive Sound Home theater HDMI 1080p HTS3520/94 Rs.12,990.00
39 Immersive Sound Home theater HDMI 1080p HTS3511E/94 Rs.10,990.00
40 Wall Mount Audio System MCD 263 Rs. 12999.00
41 Wall Mount Audio System MCD 388 Rs. 16999.00
42 GoGear MP4 player Muse 8GB* SA2MUS08S/97 Rs.9,400.00
43 GoGear MP4 player Cam 8GB* SA2CAM08K/97 Rs.7,499.00
44 GoGear MP4 player Ariaz 4GB* SA2ARA04K/97 Rs.4,999.00
45 GoGear MP4 player ViBE 4GB* SA2VBE04K/94 Rs.3,999.00
46 GoGear MP3 player Spark 2GB* SA2SPK02K/94 Rs.2,999.00
47 Philips GoGear Mix 2GB SA3MXX02K/97 Rs. 1999.00
48 Philips GoGear Aria 8GB SA3ARA08K/97 Rs. 6599.00
49 Portable DVD Player PET727/94 Rs.8,499.00
50 Portable DVD Player PET717/94 Rs.7,499.00
51 TV headphones In-line volume control SHP2500/97 Rs.849.00
52 Stereo Headphones Deep bass SHP2000/97 Rs.649.00
53 Earhook Headphones SHS8100/98 Rs.1,249.00
54 Neckband Headphones Earhook Headphones SHS390/98 Rs.499.00
55 Wireless hi-fi headphones Infrared transmission SHC1300/00 Rs.1,999.00
56 Notebook Webcam SPC640NC/00 Rs.1,999.00
57 Webcam Easy SPC230NC/97 Rs.1,299.00
58 Notebook SoundBar SPA5210B/97 Rs.2,499.00
59 Notebook USB speakers SPA5200U/97 Rs.1,999.00
60 Notebook USB speakers SPA3251/97 Rs.1,199.00
61 Multimedia Speakers 2.0 SPA3210/10 Rs.1,799.00
62 Notebook USB speakers SPA2210V/97 Rs.1,199.00
63 CushionSpeaker SDC5100/10 Rs.3,999.00

At the Demonstration zone, we really enjoyed experiencing the fine sound quality of the following:
Philips HTS9520 Home Theatre System
Philips Home Theatre HTS9520 priced at Rs. 70,990, comes with unique 360Sound speakers that are designed with sound drivers in the front and on the sides to fill your room evenly with surround sound and are angled to project immersive sound around you.

Philips DS9000 Docking Speaker for iPod and iPhone
Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker DS9000 priced at Rs. 38,999, automatically synchronizes with your iPad/ iPhone/ iPod and gives brilliant quality output.

  • greg ascentive

    I guess my question is, what are they doing to promote sound quality? Are they publicly advocating FLAC or other alternative formats to MP3 that deliver better clearer results??

  • Ashutosh Nigam