ZipDial: Customer Service solution using a Missed Call

Success of a Business greatly depends on the ease with which it can reach its consumers. Advertising, Media, Social networks, etc are widely used means to achieve this purpose. They allow business to reach the customers however they are not very flexible the other way round i.e. allowing customers to contact the businesses.

Customer response can help collect valuable information like what the consumer thinks of products, what are the most common difficulties the consumers face while using a particular product, etc. However, in most cases, the consumers have to incur the cost of communicating to the Business, say by sending a text message or calling them. There is toll free number of course, but it is pretty expensive and hence not feasible for every Small and Medium Enterprise.

The question arises what shall be done about this? Well, the answer lies in our everyday phone habit! “Missed Calls”.

ZipDialI am pretty sure most of you are wondering how Missed calls can help an organization get response from customers. Thanks to ZipDial, it is possible! ZipDial Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a Bangalore-based company founded by three Technology entrepreneurs.

Our team had an opportunity to interview ZipDial’s Founder & CEO, Valerie Rozycki Wagoner and she told us about how easy it is to use Zipdial and how its helps Large or SMEs to grow their business as well as gets the businesses connected with its customers easily.

We were quite surprised to know how the simple idea of “making a miss call” turned into such a huge business idea. Although it was a short interview, we were convinced of how useful it can be. And the demonstrations that followed made it even more clear!

For those of you who are wondering how making a miss call can help improve relationship with customers, let me explain…

ZipDial helps Business organization to get easy feedback from their consumers, by assigning the businesses a unique Phone number where the customers are just supposed to give Missed Calls. When you call this number, your call is automatically disconnected after one dial tone, hence its a Missed Call and the customer is not charged for it. When a Missed call is registered from any number, the Customer Support executives contact the Customer or any pre-defined action takes place (example: an SMS is sent to the Customer). It has been observed that response from consumers has increased up to 200% or even higher for organizations that use ZipDial.

Let us take an example of how Zipdial can be used. Imagine you are in a restaurant and you need to provide feedback whether the service was good or not. If the restaurant is using Zipdial, all you have to do is ZipDial the number on its menu card. Now you receive a text message providing the options and you reply with your answer free of cost. Its so easy!

Give it a try by dialing 080 300 500 55 (ZipDial for cricket). You will get the latest Cricket scores via SMS.

Some of the most important Services offered by ZipDial are:
ZipDial to Convert: Get increased responses to your ads by 200% or even higher.
ZipDial to Connect: Build customer loyalty with on-demand mobile updates.
ZipDial to Verify: Instant verification of your customer’s mobile number. Also for account registration, login, transaction handling, etc on your site.

Some of the business organizations already using ZipDial include Kingfisher, KFC, Pepsi, Sanofi-Aventis, etc. Kingfisher used it during IPL and on the very first day of IPL it received 4 million responses in a single day using ZipDial.

Ms Valerie said, “We aim that at least 1 lakh SMEs paying a minimum Rs. 2000/month using ZipDial by the next few months as setting up a ZipDial is a matter of few seconds, and it shows nearly 200% improved responses.”

  • Tipsum

    That is a great concept. As Indians we’re so used to the missed call concept. Zip dial doing well to utilize this well.

  • Ashutosh Nigam

    missed call technique is just awesome……thanks for sharing