Did T-Mobile just leak the Nokia SeaRay?

We just came across a picture posted by TheNokiaBlog which talks about T-Mobile Germany showing of an image of the Nokia SeaRay, in an unreleased advertisement. This advertisement was leaked by some internal sources before its official launch. As its surprising to find an unreleased Image on an Ad, we can’t be sure that it will be official.

It may well be the case where someone would have Photoshopped an Nokia N9 calling it a SeaRay, just for playing a prank on all Nokia WP7 enthusiasts. (Observe that, the claimed Nokia Searay appears very much like the Nokia N9)

Nokia Searay WP7.5 Mango Smartphone

Also, the Advertisement says that Nokia SeaRay will be equipped with 3D. It also features voice navigation along with the Windows Mobile 7.5 (Mango) operating system. Its Brilliant 3.7 inch AMOLED curved display feels exactly like the Nokia N9.

It feels weird, if this Advertisement is to be believed, Will Nokia name the Device as the SeaRay? (which is the name of the prototype) Also, will this device be announced at the Nokia World 2011 on 26th October 2011, or at MWC in February 2012?

  • http://www.blog.de/user/pcprima/ pcprima

    Indeed it feels really wired, that Nokia named the device like the prototype. I am pretty sure it is a fake and someone did a good job with photoshop.


  • http://www.techspere.com Amit

    The Searay hardware specs looks Brilliant, if Nokia decides to price it cheaper than Iphone and S2 It would be a sure shot winner.

  • http://therockcena.wordpress.com/ the rock cena

    I am pretty sure it is a fake and someone did a good job with photoshop!

  • http://genuineseo.net/ Eddie Gear

    The smartphone from nokia is set to get it back into the smartphone race.

  • http://www.lazyassgamer.com lag

    Loooks nice :) Should be cheaper, £400 phones are too much

  • http://www.readersarea.com Avi

    looks nice…doesn’t look fake either…