Nokia Lumia 800 (Quick Hands on)

Nokia Lumia 800 Smartphone which comes with Windows Phone Operating System was unveiled at the Nokia World Conference, in London. The Lumia range was announced in India last week. We had the opportunity to have a hands-on experience of the flagship Nokia Lumia 800 and we just loved it!

Nokia Lumia 800 is undoubtedly among the best Smartphones when it comes to looks. Having it in your hands is an amazing feeling. The Polycarbonate body seems beautiful and scratched on the chassis are not visible.
Nokia Lumia 800
The Screen quality is brilliant too; our visibility of the screen is not affected at all even when bright sun rays are coming straight on the screen.

The camera button on the Right side works great. The camera quality is quite good too with the 8MP primary camera. (No secondary Camera) The 720p video recording quality is good too, but din’t appear to be upto the mark when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S 2.

The Windows Phone Operating System with Tiles, seems to be specially crafted for this phone. The 1.4 GHz processor makes working with it a lot of fun! Swiping on the touchscreen is very smooth and the quality is unquestionable. We missed the NFC technology in this device though. Also, the Bluetooth didn’t seem to work when we tried to pair our HTC phone with it.

The Live Mail and the MS Office integration is great being trademark Microsoft products. The integration of Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and FourSquare seems quite nice, but only when you get used to it! The Nokia Maps with improved navigation and 3D modelling (available at few landmarks) makes this phone a great one to own.

We will of course come up with the detailed review soon.. Patience my friends… Patience..