Nokia still leads in the Total Mobile Device Sales, while Android has captured 52.5% of Smartphone Market

We all know that the Mobile market is changing at a fast pace, and the report from Gartner with proper Market Share figures has made it very clear.

According to the report, the total worldwide sales of Mobile devices crossed 440.5 million units (of which 115 million were Smartphones) in the third quarter of 2011, which is up 5.6% from the same period last year. The major reason for this is expected to be the rising demand of low-cost and dual-SIM phones in emerging markets. The Smartphone sales have also grown by 42% over the year.
Nokia Smartphones
Talking about the ranking of various companies on the basis of total sales in 3rd Quarter of 2011, Nokia was seen leading the pack with a market share of 23.9%, followed by Samsung, LG and Apple. Check the table below for more details:
Market Share of Mobile Device sales

Samsung holds the numero uno position when we talk about Smartphones sales, with sales of more than 24 million units in the last year. This success is seen because of its strong Galaxy range of Smartphones which cater to people from nearly all Market segments. Apple iPhone sales took a small beating as a result of its new product announcement in October. It is expected to strengthen its position during the last quarter of 2011.

Coming to the Smartphone Operating Systems, Android Sales were reported to be 52.5% of the total Smartphone sales making it a distant leader ahead of Symbian and iOS. It came as a shock that the Windows Phone Operating System took the last spot in recognized Smartphone OSs, even behind Samsung’s Bada OS. iOS sales decreased as people were waiting for the new iPhone to be launched in October. RIM sales took a beating in US where it went down to as low as just 10%.
Details in the figure below:
Smartphone Operating System Market Share

With so much happening in the Mobile and Smartphone market, do you expect to see the tables turned this holiday season? Will Microsoft gain some market share in the Smartphone OS because of the Nokia Lumia range? Will Apple overtake Symbian thanks to iOS 5? How fast are other players catching up behind Nokia in the race of total sales? Lots of Questions and lots of expectations.. Let us know your expectations!

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  • samsung tablet

    In India more and more people’s buying power in increasing and that’s why more people are shifting towards the smartphone or phone with dual sim. This trends will continue in the coming year and I foresee a rise in tablet pc users as well in India.

  • mobile application developer

    While I agree with the data, I would suggest that Microsoft is the sleeping giant. They ended 2011 with more than 50,000 Apps in their store and will soon overtake Blackberry who simply will fade away. From the tablet side, we’re going to see a surge in activity this year. The new Kindle Fire will make sure of that.