Nokia Tablet with Windows 8 expected to be announced in June 2012

Nokia is the largest brand when it comes to device sales figures. But as most of the Mobile and Smartphone companies have moved to the Tablet space, even Nokia seems to take the same route.

Being a formidable brand in the Mobile space, it would improve Nokia’s portfolio in the yet untouched product category by them. Seems an interesting news!

This news was revealed by Paul Amsellem, General Manager, Nokia France while talking to a french newspaper named LesEchos. He confirmed to LesEchos that in June 2012, Nokia will have a tablet running Windows 8.

Well, after partnering with Microsoft, a Windows Tablet from Nokia doesn’t seem to be a big surprise. But, the entire idea of Nokia venturing in the Tablet market gives a sense of hope to all the Nokia lovers.
Windows 8 Tablet
The potential shipping date for Nokia’s Windows 8 Tablet is expected to be in fall 2012. Will it be among the leading devices to carry the Windows 8 Tablet platform? Lets wait and watch.

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    Window 8 will be a new platform for tablets and I understand that a few companies are planning to bring window 8 based tablets in the coming year. Let us hope and see the faetures and market demands for these.