RB Gaming Zone Contest: Just Play and Win a Sony PlayStation 2 and lots of other prizes

Its been a few months now, since we arranged a contest here on our site. We were looking for the best time and the best gifts for our readers and finally the time has come! We have crafted the contest in such a way, that you will never miss out a chance to win a prize.

The contest is pretty simple and everyone has an equal chance to win! No questions asked, no tasks to be completed, no tedious problems to be solved, nothing….

Just Play and Win!!

What is the Contest? And what are the Prizes?

Every Monday we will give you a new Game to play, you just have to play the game and hit the High Score. Highest Scorer of every week will win a Gift Hamper. This contest will go on for 5 weeks! So, 5 winners will win a Gift Hamper each from Reckitt Benckiser (One every week)

The participant who is the most active gamer for the 5 weeks will win a grand prize of a brand new Sony PlayStation 2. (Doesn’t matter even if you don’t hit the High score every time)
Sony PlayStation 2
The Contest will start on every Monday and end on the Sunday (IST); starting from Monday 28th November 2011. We will update this page for further information regarding various games to be played in coming weeks and the winner for every week!

How to take part in the Contest? (All Steps are Compulsory)

Step 1: Share this Article on Facebook.
Step 2: Visit the Weekly Contest page for the ongoing week. (You will find the updated link of the weekly contest on this page every week)

Week 1 (November 28th – December 4th) Details
Week 2 (December 5th – December 11th) Details
Week 3 (December 12th – December 18th) Details
Week 3 (December 19th – December 25th) Details

Step 3: Play the Game mentioned on the Weekly Contest Page.
Step 4: Hit the High Score and fill out your personal details after each game! (You can play unlimited number of times)
Step 5: Share your Highest Score as a Blog Comment below and/or on Twitter in the following format:

My Highest Score for [Week Number] #RBcrazybrands contest on @techfreakstuff is [Your Score]

Example: My Highest Score for Week 3 #RBcrazybrands contest on @techfreakstuff is 1022

You can Tweet and Comment multiple times, so keep trying to improve on your Highest Score!

Announcement of Winners

A Single winner with the Highest Score throughout the week will be selected on every Monday and will be announced in this post! So, 5 winners for 5 weeks!

The Grand Prize winner will be announced at the end of all the 5 weeks of the Contest. All the Prizes will be shipped only to the Winners residing in India within a Month of announcement!

Stay tuned for the Weekly contest on the coming Monday!!

  • Dharmesh

    who are the winners of week 1-4?

  • http://www.techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    The winners of the first 4 weeks have been contacted!

  • Dharmesh Kalwani

    Waiting for the week 5 announcement. fingers crossed!