Review: i-4U Gimmick Hand Holder for iPad and other Tablets

Tablets ushered into the market 2 years back and today, everyone wants to own one. Handy tablet computers like Apple’s iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc are great in the portability and easy to use interfaces makes them so lovable. But their handy and portable nature also means that it could slip from your hands and you would be left praying to the almighty for minimal damages. If you’re not lucky enough, your beloved Tablet ends up sustaining some injuries which are hard to repay.

Every time when we use any Tablet, a fear of it slipping, falling down and getting damaged is always at the back of our minds. Hence, we restrict its use in when we are busy with some other work! To help us get rid of our fears, a Poland-based company named i-4U has come up with a simple yet brilliant tablet accessory called the Gimmick which makes your tablet securely hang onto your palms and avoid various catastrophes.
Gimmick Tablet Holder
Gimmick is a light hand-holder dedicated to iPad and other tablets. It allows you to keep your one hand in a comfortable position with the precious tablet strapped to it while your other hand is free for typing, navigation and other work. The Gimmick allows users to rest their tablet device in the palm of their hand by using an adjustable strap that fits over the hand and easily clicks into place on an adaptor plate. The ergonomic construction of the hand holder does not weigh down the hands or wrists. The 680 gm iPad can rest safely attached to your palms when suspended mid-air without giving any pressure to your palms or wrists(it can hold heavier Tablets and other objects too). The adapter plate is fixed to the back of the device with 3M’s Dual-Lock fastening material which, instead of the hook/loop structure of Velcro, uses a mushroom/loop structure that allows it to click into place with a connection that is many times stronger than Velcro.
i4U Gimmick Tablet Holder
The holder also features a swivel head that allows the attached device to be rotated 360-degrees to switch between portrait and landscape orientation. The holder is designed to suit the left-handed as well as right-handed users. It is made of ABS, Aluminum and Elastomer which ensures the stability of the Tablet and the comfort of use. Also, the solid mount of the device with 3M Dual Lock fastener allows for the easy mounting and demounting of the holder. The kit also comes with a wall mounting option where in the user can enrich his tablet experience by easily mounting and demounting its tablet on the wall (or any other similar fixed vertical structure)

The Gimmick is not only meant for casual users who just want to sit back on their couch and surf the web, but it’s also of use to professionals who seek to type a lot over their iPad or Employees who tend to depend on their Tablet computers for working while commuting. The Gimmick is certainly a boast for all the digital media professionals who had to painstakingly type for long hours over their Tablets. Using this simple gadget makes their life much simpler and fear-free. Gimmick is useful for nearly all the Tablet applications, with users including field technicians and service representatives, medical staff, servers and restaurant hostesses, pilots, students and many more.


  • Durable and light
  • Comfortable and Easy to use
  • Easy mounting and Demounting


  • High Price

i-4U Gimmick is now available for $59.99 and can be ordered from their Official Site.

We give this product a 4/5 for its ease of use and for being a must-have accessory for all Tablet users.

  • Lucca

    Gimmick is realy helpfull in my job.
    Well done and good quality

    Frendly User

  • Sillik Shouj

    This is exactly what people need now, a device to hold their devices :[

  • Sanskar

    Nice gadget.

    Very beautifull…i want it..
    Thanks for sharing.