How to buy the Right & the Best Mobile phone

Finding the right cell phone can be a tricky task. The market is flooded with so many choices that comparing them all and finding the perfect fit would seem impossible. Taking a systematic approach to cell phone purchasing can make the experience much easier for you.

If you are looking to buy a cell phone, there are some important questions you should ask yourself. Once you have thought about these questions, you will have a much easier time settling on the right mobile phone. Use these questions for help when comparing cell phones on various comparison websites.

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Do you already have a cell phone?

The majority of people who are in the market for new cell phones intend to replace their current devices. Most of these individuals are already locked into mobile phone contracts. These contracts tend to last for a long time, so any new phone will need to be compatible with a customer’s current plan.

Some plans periodically make it easy for customers to get a new phone, especially when contracts are up for renewal. It can be much cheaper to upgrade an existing phone to a new phone at renewal time than it is at any other time. Be sure to ask your carrier what free and reduced offers they have going on new phones.

Do you have a preferred carrier?

Cell phone reception is not equal across the board. You should always choose a carrier that provides good service to your geographic region. Since most people know only what they see on TV or hear from friends, it is a good idea to look around online for reviews of different carriers in your area.

When choosing a carrier, it is also a good idea to consider whether you wish to purchase a pay-as-you-go plan or a long-term plan. Not all phones can be used with every type of plan, and not every carrier will have this option.

What is your budget?

It is very smart to have a clear idea in your mind of how much you are willing to spend. You should make this decision before you go shopping for a new phone. People who sell cell phones can be very persuasive, and they are experts at talking people into costlier phone options. If you are firm with your budget from the start, you are less likely to regret your purchase later.

How do you plan to use the cell phone?

This question is one that is ignored with surprising frequency. Customers often let themselves get swayed by snazzy advertisements instead of thinking about their specific needs.

Do you plan to use your cell phone in emergencies only? Will your mobile phone be your only phone? Do you plan to use it to answer Emails and to surf the web? Do you want to play games on it or watch movies? The answers to these questions can drastically change your choice of phone. A simple flip phone will work fine for some people, but a smartphone will be essential for others.

Making sure not to go all out and order “unlimited everything” is the best approach for limited users. It may seem comforting to have all the extra minutes, texts, and data, but over time the added costs may leave you penniless.

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Which features are most important to you?

Once you have decided on a phone type, you can narrow your specific choice by thinking about the features that are most important to you. Do you need to have a phone with a long battery life? Do you want a phone that has the biggest selection of apps to play with? Do you want a phone with a touch screen or a button keyboard?

Always make sure to filter out things you don’t need. As with the minutes and data, unwanted features can add up to overpayment for a user who doesn’t really need the all the bonus functionality.

Compare and Take a Test Drive

Always try out a cell phone before you buy it. Cell phones that look perfect in pictures might feel totally different once you hold them in your hand. Since you will probably be using your cell phone many times each day, you need a model that is intuitive to you.

Let us know if you need any more pointers to select a good Mobile phone option for you. We would be happy to help!

Note: This post is written considering that you will be purchasing a new mobile phone (Not a used one)

This Article is written by Blake Sanders. He writes about technology at a phone comparison site Cell Phone Expert, where he specializes in Cell phones and wireless Internet.

  • Sandra Jones

    Undoubtedly the best piece I’ve ever read on mobile phones or a how-to list. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in creating this, you definitely made my day!

  • pradeep f

    You covered some of the great points in the post,very helpful how-to for new mobile phone buyers :)

  • paul n

    budget is most important to me… a few years ago I had t-mobile and I paid $89.99 for unlimited everything, and I think another $10 for insurance…. I had the phone for the 2 year contract and never once damaged it so $240 down the drain… the when I was going to renew my contract I went to a friend of mines phone s00tore and he told me about a t-mobile prepaid plan which was $50 for unlimited everything (oh an I had an iPhone)… but then I wouldn’t have insurance. So… I walked out that store a new prepaid customer and has been ever since… been two years and based on that math I’ve saved $1200, though I spent $180 on another iphone and $250 on a droid phone, but even with that I saved almost $900… whenever I need a new phone I go to the classifieds and type in new :)