Nokia Lumia 800 Pre-Order Bookings starts in India

Nokia Lumia 800 is among the most awaited phones in India today. As the official price is undisclosed, customers are quite confused on how much will it cost in the market. Also, there is no update on the official date when it will be available to the customers.

We came across some posts on Twitter which mentioned that Nokia Lumia 800 pre-order dates have been revealed by some Dealers, so we tried to get to the root of this news. So, whom did we ask and what did we find out?

Nokia Lumia 800 SmartPhone

We tried to contact our nearest Nokia Priority Dealers in Mumbai, and they were a little uncomfortable revealing the exact dates. On being asked repeatedly, they revealed that they were accepting pre-order bookings from customers. The Devices which are pre-ordered will be delivered to customers on December 15th 2011.

The Price of the Nokia Lumia 800 pre-ordering is Rs. 29,000. But, you need to pay Rs. 1000 as a non-refundable booking fee on pre-ordering the Lumia 800, while the price of Rs. 29000 will have to be paid on delivery (So total of Rs. 30,000). The official price may change by some extent after the pre-order period is over. By then, you can have a look at our Nokia Lumia 800 Photo Album.

  • Anand Bhaigade

    Still S2 beats it hands down!!!
    @ 30k its hell for ‘developing’ O.S. !!!

  • kadir@Teknoloji Haberleri

    nokia is down

  • Matin


    When is it releasing.


  • Rohit Sane

    It has already been released