Review: LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner [Hands On]

We use a normal optical mouse for most of our daily computing needs. But, LG has come up with a unique product which combines the power of Mouse as well as a Scanner. It may seem quite different remembering the A4 sized scanners, but this compact gadget surely packs a lot of punch.

Look and Feel
The LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner is not a very slim Mouse, but a Normal sized one which wouldn’t occupy a lot of space either. It has a glossy surface which is a fingerprint magnet, but its ergonomics are good and fits well in the hand. It comes with a Scanner along with the Laser sensor at the botton.
LG Mouse Scanner
It is a normal mouse with 2 buttons and a scroll wheel which doubles up as a third button. There are two buttons on the side “Scan” and “Backward”.

Features and Usage Experience
The LSM-100 does not require any extra drivers for usage as a normal mouse. But, to add a scanner functionality you need to installed the LG Smart Scan Software which come in the CD along with it.

It works perfectly as a normal Mouse with a scroll wheel which doubles up as a third button. The USP of this device is the Scanner functionality in it.
LG LSM-100 Mouse Scanner
The scanner functionality (upto 320 dpi) is very interesting and you can scan any kind of photos and documents upto the size of A3. There are 3 scan quality levels; Low, Medium and High. You just need to click the Scan button on the side and roll the mouse over any document you want. You can move the Mouse in whichever direction you like, back and forth until you’ve covered the area you want. You see an image forming on the screen. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition, for image-to-text conversion) works very well on high-resolution scans, making it a very easy to import text from any printed material and paste it into a Word Document or an Email.
scanned image
You only need to be aware that, you cannot scan on irregular surfaces as the scanning process stops and cannot be resumed again. If you just lift the mouse above the surface of the document, the scanning stops. Practice is required to avoid these things!
LSM-100 LG Mouse Scanner
Once you are done with the scanning, you can save the scanned images as either a PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, XLS or DOC file. You also have the option to share the scanned files on Flickr, Twitter and Facebook.

The LG Smart Scan software is pretty impressive and helps you modify the image on the basis of brightness, contrast, and other colours. Editing and re-sizing the images is also very easy and works perfectly well.

Conclusion and Views
Coming up with this amazing concept of integrating a Scanner into a Mouse, LG has done a good job. We really loved using this Mouse.

The LSM-100 comes with an MRP of Rs. 3500. The price being a little high, it seems to be the only Con for this Gadget. We would give this gadget an overall 3.5 / 5 for its good performance and the unique capability.

  • Buchete

    It is an interesting gadget. But what is the point of using a mouse as scanner? You’ll always be sure you’ll parse the whole document, you want to scan? It seems a bit impractical.


    Dear sir , I wish to purchase this mouse , please let me know from where I can get it in india.


  • Rohit Sane

    Hi Vikas,

    You can get it in Consumer Electronic Chains like Croma, E-Zone or NEXT. If you are not able to find it, just get back to me.. I will get you in touch with the LG corporate guys!

  • Shaan

    Hey, Rohit, I tried in Croma, Vijay Sales, E-Zone and NeXT and it wasn’t available anywhere. Could you please find out where I could get it from? Also, is it possible to purchase it online?