Sony Tablet S and Tablet P launched in India

In April 2011, we reported about Sony introducing two Tablets in Japan and planning to enter the Tablet space during the Christmas time and here we have this big story coming up..

Sony has launched the two Tablets in the Indian Market and they are called the Tablet S and the Tablet P; both coming with Android HoneyComb 3.2 and in unique non-traditional designs.

Being the first certified PlayStation Tablets, may give this tablets an edge in the booming Indian market.
Sony Tablet S and Tablet P

Sony Tablet S

The Tablet S comes with a wedge shaped ergonomic design for comfortable holding in the hand. Equipped with a 9.4″ LCD screen and Sony’s patented TruBlack panel which creates vibrant colours and deeper blacks, this tablet creates a visual treat my controlling the refraction between the panel and the screen.

It is powered by a NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor and has a Universal Remote feature. It is able to “throw” and share a wide variety of multimedia content with DLNA compatible devices near it.

Its the first PlayStation certified Tablet ever launched. It has a 5MP camera and a host of applications specially installed for the Indian customers. A lot of accessories including Screen Protector, Cradle, Cover, Leather Carrying Case, USB Adapter Cable, Safeguard, Shell, AC Adapter and Bluetooth Keyboard are available separately.

The WiFi model of this 16GB Tablet is available in the Market and will cost you Rs. 29,990. A WiFi+3G Model will cost you Rs. 33,990 and will be available from Mid-January 2012.

Sony Tablet P

This is a unique tablet with a clutch purse fold-able design. After folding, its dimensions come out to be just 79x180x26mm (approx) and can fit in a pocket easily.

It comes with dual screens of 5.5″ each, which can be used as separate displays according to user’s preference.

The Technical specifications are similar to the Tablet S, but it lacks the “Universal remote” capability.

Its 4GB model (WiFi+3G) is priced at Rs. 36,990 and will be available from Mid-January 2012.

  • Sandra Jones

    Sony Tablet P looks like a powerful device, provided its able to live up to the expectations. And yes, its got great features. Can’t wait to lay my hands on one!

  • PC Prima

    Love these gadget and yes it is powerful.


  • Rahul

    This is a good attempt from Sony but nothing still beats the Apple iPad especially after the launch of the 4th generation. The new 4th generation is coming in India on 30th November 2012.