Win Sony PlayStation 2 at the RB Gaming Zone Contest: Week 5 (December 26th – January 1st)

This is the last week of the year 2011, and also the last week of our RB Gaming Zone contest! Everyone wants a gift and its time to play hard and win the Sony PlayStation 2 for yourself!!

This being the ultimate battle, put your gaming boots on and its time to play! I can only say, the PlayStation 2 is waiting for you…

In the final week, we are going to play Kitchen Chaos. The kitchen is in a mess and germs are hiding all around. They keep popping out from everywhere and you need to use the Dettol spray and eliminate all those pesky germs trying to take over the kitchen. But if you miss more than three germs, the game is over. So be careful with this one. Start playing now and invite your friends to play this game too.

Up for grabs are Reckitt Benckiser (RB) Gift Hampers and a Sony PlayStation 2 as the grand prize!!!

Click here to play the Game!

You can also Download an App on your iOS or Android Device, so that you can play the game anywhere any time you want!

Download for iOS

Download for Android

PS2 console

Now all you got to do is just follow the instructions in our Contest post and keep playing. Once you’re done with the game, share your high score as a blog comment below here on our blog, or just Tweet it in the following format:

My Highest Score for Week 5 #RBcrazybrands contest on @techfreakstuff is [Your Score]

You can Tweet and Comment multiple times, so keep trying to improve on your Highest Score! So you think you have it in you to win what you want?

Let the games begin!

  • Dharmesh Kalwani

    My High score for Week 5 for game Kitchen Chaos is 1268

  • Rohit Sane

    @Dharmesh: It seems that you have not saved your scored online.. We are not able to track your score!!

  • Kasturi

    My score: 602

  • Kasturi

    My score: 660

  • Kasturi

    Score: 672

  • Dharmesh Kalwani

    OK I’ll play again and post the score :)

  • Dharmesh Kalwani

    This time I could not score more. I have scored 662. And here is the proof

  • Dharmesh Kalwani

    My high score is 000832

  • Imagens para Facebook

    My best score for Week 5 for game Kitchen Chaos is 1136

  • Dharmesh Kalwani

    I hope my 832 is recorded. And hope to win this one. Waiting for the winner announcement. Fingers crossed!

  • Dharmesh Kalwani

    Waiting for the winner announcement :)

  • Dharmesh Kalwani

    Who is the winner for week 5. please declare. i hope my 832 was highest. Imagens para made high score on 2nd jan and I don’t think he’s from India.

  • Dharmesh Kalwani

    Still waiting for the winner announcement… Fingers crossed!