Differences between the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Lumia 900: Things that Matter!

Nokia has launched its flagship Smartphone Lumia 900; featuring the Windows Phone Mango at the CES 2012. Post the announcement, this Smartphone has created a lot of buzz stating that it is very similar to the Lumia 800 with very few notable differences. But, that’s not really the case!

We would like to clearly differentiate between the Lumia 800 and the 900 on the basis of prominent “features” that MATTER. Read along..
Nokia Lumia 900 and Lumia 800

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Lumia 800 Dimensions: 116.5mm x 61.2mm x 12.1mm
Lumia 900 Dimensions: 127.8mm x 68.5mm x 11.5mm
This allows a Bigger 4.3″ display to fit easily in the Lumia 900, compared to the 37″ display on the Lumia 800.

Lumia 800: 142 Grams
Lumia 900: 160 Grams
Even though the Lumia 900 is 18 grams heavier than the 800, it will not create a big difference for carrying it around.

Lumia 800: A 16 bit, 3.7″ Curved Screen with Pentile Matrix sub-pixel layout.
Lumia 900: A 24 bit, 4.3″ Flat Screen with RGB sub-pixel arrangement.
The RGB sub-pixel arrangement in the Lumia 900 will ensure crisp images and avoid subtle color-fringing(cannot be noticed easily) that the Lumia 800 exhibits on high-contrast edges.

Lumia 800: No Front Camera
Lumia 900: A 1MP (according to Official Nokia Site, but said to be 1.3MP) with F/2.4
The addition of Secondary camera in the Lumia 900 has silenced a lot of Lumia 800 critics.

Lumia 800: Cannot create WiFi Hotspot.
Lumia 900: Can create WiFi Hotspot for Internet sharing. Upto 5 WiFi enabled devices can connect simultaneously to the Hotspot.
This was one more features missed dearly in the Lumia 800, which Nokia has included in the Lumia 900.

Lumia 800: No Gyroscope
Lumia 900: Gyroscope present
Gyroscope is expected to help the Lumia 900 for better orientation while using interactive Apps.

Lumia 800: No LTE Support
Lumia 900: 4G LTE Support (LTE Cat3 Downlink 50 Mbps; LTE Cat3 Uplink 25 Mbps)

Lumia 800: 1450 mAh
Lumia 900: 1830 mAh
A better Battery is what every customer wants, and Nokia has delivered is perfectly!

We know that the location of the LED Flash light besides the Rear Camera and the Top part of the Lumia 900 is different that the Lumia 800, but we are sure that it would not affect a normal user that much! We expect, the Biggest difference between the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 900 to be in the prices. But, as the price of the Lumia 900 is not yet announced, we can’t give our comments on that..

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    nice comparison. 5 stars:D

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    Pretty nice comparison. i only hope that Lumia 900 is priced aggressively to attract buyers in volumes.

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    i think really different bettween nokia lumia 800 and nokia lumia 900 is no different. by visual is changed and nokia offered we there “new” product new version. all it is for money

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    Nice comparison but Lumia 900 is the best as compared to Lumia 800

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    nice …but baught it recently…….

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    Good comparison. Improved battery life is especially important!

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    m changing my plan to buy lumia 800 ………. i think 900 price will be affordable for me

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    If price difference is high it won’t sell all that well given the very small difference.

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    mujhe toh ye mobile bohut hi kharab laga kyunki 1000 koashisho ke baad bhi mai ise kharid na saka.

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    i only hope that Lumia 900 is priced aggressively to attract buyers in volumes.

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    Both mobiles are very good for me and i hope to get any one of them, i would be lot happier.