Nokia Lumia branded Jet Airways Aircraft flying in India and Information about Nokia Lumia “Sky Party”

Nokia’s Amazing Everyday campaign in India is already very popular and now they have taken it to a completely new level by unveiling a Lumia Branded Jet Airways Aircraft. This Aircraft is a Boeing 737-800 which is flying to various cities in India.

The Jet Airways Aircraft sports a “tile interface” on the windows, similar to the Windows Phone UI. To be more clear, each window of the Aircraft appears like a Tile on the Windows Phone Home screen. Also, Lumia branding is also done on the back of every seat inside the Aircraft!

Nokia Lumia Branded Aircraft

The Aircraft also sports the names of various employees who were responsible for taking this giant marketing initiative a grand success.

Nokia Lumia branded Jet Airways Aircraft

Apart from showing away the Lumia branded aircraft a small announcement regarding the Lumia Sky Party was also done! Firstly, you would wonder what is a Sky Party..

Sky Party will be arranged by Nokia India on 20th January 2012 on-board the Lumia Branded Jet Airways aircraft, and it will be a 2 hours flight in the Skies with amazing events happening on-board. The flight will take-off from Mumbai and will land back after the party is over! I am sure, this will create a lot of buzz among the consumers.

Now the big question, How can you be the part of the Lumia Sky Party?
Its actually very simple! You need to participate in “Spot the Lumia” contest on Nokia India’s official Facebook page by uploading an image of Nokia Lumia phone or Lumia branding. The 50 most innovative pictures will win!

Have a look at our Nokia Lumia branded Jet Airways Aircraft Photo Gallery: