10 Best Android Smartphones below Rs. 10,000 (with Prices)

Now-a-days choosing a low-cost phone eats up our time significantly as it has become a tedious task. That is why, we have consolidated a list of Top 10 Android Smartphones below the price of Rs. 10000. But, before you question why only Android phones; Let me explain why people love Android….

Android is operating system for mobile devices owned by Google. And, according to Google’s Andy Rubin almost 700,000 Android mobiles are being activated everyday(on a good-business day). And, the number of iPhones being sold is believed to be lesser than this number.

What makes the 700,000 people opt for Android everyday over others?

There are a wide range of phones that support Android OS. And this gives the customer the power to choose which isn’t the case with other operating systems.

The ability to add widgets on the homescreen is a remarkable feature. This allows you to check all your updates and news feed without having to switch between different apps. And, the seamless integration of Google owned services makes Android stand out among Mobile OSs.

Having said that Android has a large variety of phones, we bring to you the best 10 which are priced under Rs. 10,000 to make your life even easier (not in any particular order).

Samsung Galaxy Y (Rs. 6999 onwards)
Samsung Galaxy Y
The Galaxy Y boasts an excellent touchscreen sensitivity along with smart looks. The browser with pinch zooming and multiple tabs are a big plus too. The Galaxy Y is considered to be one of the best and cheap phone which comes with Android Gingerbread. The fast processor and the battery life also help the Galaxy Y to score the brownie points.

However, the 2MP camera is a strong drawback for this smartphone. Also, not having a flash adds up to the woes of the camera quality. The display quality which is just average is also a concern.

LG Optimus Net P690 (Rs. 9449 onwards)
LG Optimus Net P690
The smooth and lag-free Android interface of the Optimus Net makes other Android phones envious. The web browser and the loud speaker score good points on their fronts. And for the music lovers – the Optimus Net has got a pretty decent audio/video playback.

Now the drawback – the 3MP camera doesn’t give you the best of pictures and has mediocre quality. No secondary camera means no video calling. Also, the call quality in the Optimus Net is just average. And yeah, the battery life isn’t great too.

Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 (Rs. 8899 onwards)
Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510
Smart and sturdy is what Galaxy Pro seems to be at the first glance and it lives up to that on keen observation as well. The slim and lightweight smartphone has got good touchscreen responsiveness and also an excellent Qwerty keyboard. The Galaxy Pro also has got good loudspeaker, good audio quality and a pretty decent 3MP camera.

There’s no front camera for video calling and no flash either. Also, another drawback is that this Pro hasn’t got a LED indicator to notify you regarding the missed calls and messages.

Motorola Fire XT (Rs. 8200 onwards)
Motorola Fire XT
The lightweight Motorola Fire XT has got a pretty decent 2.8 inch screen and also a good battery life. Also the 3MP camera does gives you decent pictures.

The performance of the Motorola Fire XT doesn’t live up to it’s name. It’s sluggish and has got a laggy performance. The cramped keyboard is one more thing which could have been better.

Spice Mi350n (Rs. 7595 onwards)
Spice Mi350n
Before you judge by the brand name, let me tell you – this has got a lot of pro’s than con’s. Yes, this spice model has got a simple android interface, good web browser, good loud speaker, good audio quality and a decent camera (3.2MP) too. The screen size of 3.5 inches too is a turn-on.

However, the poor batter life of this model is a concern. Also the touchscreen at times is not responsive.

Micromax Superfone A75 (Rs. 8495 onwards)
Micromax Superfone A75
This Superfone has got a very good customized Android interface. The call quality is also good which saves you the frustration of call-drops. This Superfone with good web browser also had got great build quality. The 3.75 inch wide screen also makes this phone a Superfone.

The 3MP camera somehow doesn’t give you a great camera experience, it’s just mediocre. Also, the apps tend to lag a little in this Superfone.

Micromax A70 (Rs. 6990 onwards)
Micromax A70
A list of good qualities include: Great design and build quality; Very good display quality; Nice responsive touchscreen; good battery life and call quality; good picture quality; good on-screen keyboard. Yeah, this list certainly impresses me.

And the not so long list of bad ones:
This phone has got the WiFi issues owing to its weak antenna and the screen orientation also under-performs.

LG Optimus Pro C660 (Rs. 8698 onwards)
LG Optimus Pro C660
The 2.8 inch touchscreen makes this Pro easier to operate. The Qwerty keyboard with the Chiclets style keys and good key difference is really impressive. The loudspeaker and audio quality are also damn good. The Pro has got decent battery life and touchscreen responsiveness.

However, the frame of this LG is thicker than the usual phones. The low quality camera and the display resolution are a small turn-off.

Dell XCD35 (Rs. 8850 onwards)
Dell XCD35
Ohh, here’s one smartphone which has got really smart looks. Excellent high resolution screen makes this Dell even more desirable. Great music quality and excellent loudspeaker compels us to give it to Dell when it comes to the audio

The average camera (3.2MP) slightly is a worry. The overall performance of the phone however is also slightly sluggish.

Huawei Ideos X3 (Rs. 9999 onwards)
Huawei Ideos X3
Here’s a smartphone from Huawei which comes with Android gingerbread. This slim and lightweight smartphone has a good responsive touchscreen. The 3.2MP camera gives you decent pictures and the X3 also has a front camera for video calling. And the best thing of this phone being it comes with a cloud+ app which enables the users to store 8GB free of cost on the cloud.

The downfall comes due to the camera not having the flash, which makes it difficult to click pictures in low-light conditions. Also, the small screen size doesn’t help you in precise typing.

Having listed the Top 10 Android smartphones in the below Rs 10000 category, you should buy the phone which is more in line with your interests. For example, if having a great camera is your priority, choose the smartphone which scores good in that sector.

And if you are a music lover and listens to music non-stop 24/7 you should go for the phone which gives you a great music experience.

Incase if you are buying a new phone, do remember to give your old phone a new life (either by re-using or recycling) instead of adding a +1 to the eWaste!

This article is written by Srikanth from PriceShred.com – An online marketplace to sell or buy used mobiles and second hand mobiles in India.

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