HP showcases L28500 & L26500 large-format printers at the Latex Summit for Eco-friendly Printing

HP has always been a big name in the printing industry with a portfolio of products covering all types of printing solutions. At the Latex Summit in Mumbai, HP held an education program on Latex Technologies, which use Eco-Friendly water-based inks for Indoor and Outdoor printing.

HP introduced two large-format printers in India, namely the Designjet L28500 and the Designjet L26500 at the event along with the wide variety of applications of the Latex Technology.
HP Designjet L28500 & L26500 launch
These printers use the HP Latex inks, which are pigmented, water-based inks using HP’s innovative aqueous-dispersed polymer (“Latex”) technology. These inks are compatible with more than 500 canvases ranging from Cotton to Meshes and produces odourless prints. The ink cartridges are Eco Mark-Certified and are non-inflammable, non-combustible and Eco-Friendly at the same time!

The HP Designjet L28500 can give high-resolution images of 1200 dpi with dense and saturated colours that stand up to close inspection. It also creates prints on FSC-certified HP Wallpaper that are GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified and meet AgBB criteria.

The HP Designjet L26500, offers the same high-resolution output quality but comes with an in-built heating coil which dries the output inside the printer, allowing double-sided print jobs and immediate usage.

Some of the showcased applications of these Latex printers were of Soft Signage, Vehicle Graphics, Wall Coverings, Printing on Leather, Textiles, Tyvek, Canvas, Flags, Backlit Film, Mesh etc. Browse through our Photo Gallery for photos of some interesting Applications!

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    I think that instead of these large printers HP should think of 3D printers and how to make them more available. That’s where the next step should be. Though such large printers will be in demand too =)

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