Nokia announces the Lumia 610, the 808 Pureview and the Lumia 900 global edition (India launch date)

Nokia just rocked MWC 2012 announcing 6 phones, including 3 feature phones in the Asha family namely the Nokia Asha 302, 202 and 203. The Asha 302 is a QWERTY phone while the other 2 are touch-and-type candy bar phones.

The announcement regarding Smartphones included the Nokia Lumia 610 which is the cheapest Windows Phone Mango Smartphone by any Manufacturer featuring a 5MP camera, 256MB RAM and a 800 MHz processor. It will start shipping in April for around €189 before taxes.
Nokia Lumia 610

The maximum buzz is caused by the Nokia 808 smartphone running Symbian Belle! It features a 41 MP camera with PureView technology which helps in taking ultra-awesome photographs in any light conditions. It comes with Carl Zeiss optics and brand new pixel over-sampling technology!
Nokia 808 PureView
It is also capable of continuous 1080p video recording and packs the exclusive Dolby headphone technology. It is expected to arrive in the Market by the end of May 2012 for around €450.

Lumia 900, the successor of the Lumia 800 was also announced for the global roll-out. It will come with HSPA+ to all the countries except for USA and Canada, where it will have LTE support. Now, the big question of Lumia 900’s Availability in India was answered by one of our sources after requesting anonymity. The Lumia 900 will be available on the shelves of Indian Stores from August (3rd Quarter) 2012. He did not give any idea about the price tag, but we expect it to be around the €550 mark (worldwide) and around the Rs. 30-35,000 mark in India.

  • Best Smartphone 2012

    I heard that Microsoft wants buy mobile division of Nokia. Someboby khows about it?

  • Rasel Rony

    thanks for the news, I’m waiting for the arrival of Lumia 900

  • GamesCay

    Cant’t wait for it, Planning to own that 41mp jaw breaking phone. BTW cool info, Thanks

  • Maheinfo

    Just wanted to point out that having a device with high specs does not mean it’ll run like a dream, it is the level of integration between the hardware and the OS that determines that. IOS is great in this part and have a very good ecosystem but the bad thing about their products is limiting the freedom of the user to customize and not providing simple features like video calling or FM that make me wonder do I want to control or be controlled, Andriod have a low integration level as their OS always require large amounts of resources and power. WP OS is good on both ends but what I need is a phone running a full computer OS like windows 8, because with that you have the whole Internet as your ecosystem and can run anything through your mobile phone. To use the same OS on your phone, tablet and pc is the future of mobile phones.

  • Protech Hospitality Fitouts

    Nice Phone.Another innovation that surely the public will get interested to buy for…

  • sam josif

    Nokia try to comeback in start phone market with windows mobile.. Nokia 900 looks pretty good.

  • SAM

    thnx for the post.. when nokia 610 will be available in india ? and wat about its cost ?

  • George

    I hope nokia makes its mark atleast this time. The market is drowned with android devices and i need something which isn’t touch.

  • John Fambrini

    Thanks for the review. Goes to show that we cannot write Nokia off just yet.It has lagging behind in sales and in technology race behind Apple and Android. The sale of its new model need to do well for it to survive.

  • Adeline

    Fantastic! Dying to get my hands on the NL 900. Let’s hope its worth the wait.

  • Sanma Sena

    awesome, nokia is always releasing they phone that i want always try it

  • David

    This phone has come out now and I have to say it does look good. However, while the specs are good for a Windows Phone, I do prefer the form factor of a phone like the Samsung Focus S. Also, I was expecting a little more out of the camera from this guy but other than that I love it.