Nokia 808 Pureview to Start shipping from May 9

The 41 MegaPixel marvel is among the most awaited devices from Nokia this year and we have got a good news about its availability! Today, the Twitter account @CarlZeissLenses tweeted that Nokia will start shipping their first batch of Nokia 808 Pureview device on Wednesday(May 9th 2012).

India and Russia will be among the first markets to get the PureView, Nokia said. The company also said it was extending its exclusive camera deal with Germany’s Carl Zeiss, its longtime imaging partner, whose lenses power the PureView and the N8.
carl zeiss tweet about Nokia 808 pureview
Nokia 808 PureView
“We are getting much more than just the optics components from Carl Zeiss,” said Nokia head of imaging Juha Alakarhu, in a telephone interview. “This is really a true partnership with Carl Zeiss. They have a big role throughout the development of our cameras.”

  • Emma

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this camera and give it a test! It might take a bit longer for the images to upload to facebook from now on though!

  • SynerGizmo

    Had the Nokia Pureview been a Windows Phone, it would be an instant purchase. But being crippled by Symbian… i think ill pass.