PayPOS by PayMate now allows you to accept Credit and Debit card payments on a Mobile phone in India

PayMate India has come up with a very unique concept and have successfully implemented it. They have created an Mobile application which can be installed on iOS and Android devices called the PayPOS application.

This App allows small businesses to accept and process electronic transactions using credit and debit cards directly on their mobile phones at the point of sale (POS) itself. It is being available in the market for more than a month, and doesn’t require any investment to use. This enables the Merchants to instantly and conveniently provide their customers with Payment options of Credit and Debit cards.

Anyone with a Smartphone(iOS or Android) can sign up with PayPOS and begin transactions immediately. Internet Data connectivity is required though! To charge, the merchant just needs to enter the mobile number and the amount on the screen. The customer then enters his card details and the secure pin number. The transaction is then processed in real time!

As the customer can be charged anywhere, you can relax and keep your Credit/Debit cards ready for home-deliveries too. Merchants have all the sale-related information available Online as well as through the application, but the cutomer’s sensitive information like credit cards numbers and secret pin numbers are not reveled to any human!

This useful application has seen about than 25,000 downloads and businesses in the unorganized retail sector are expected to benefit tremendously from this application.

Customer reviews:

  • Tony Simpson

    I can’t wait until this kind of payment becomes standard practice. I’ve lost count of how long I spend waiting at ATM’s.