Get Royalty-Free Stock Photos and Vector Images at

What do you do when you are in need of some premium high quality images for your project? Most of you would answer that you go to Google Images and search for a particular keyword of your choice to get some images..

But, it must be noted that there are a lot of images which are copyrighted by the owners and you wound’t have any idea about it. It may so happen that you use a copyrighted image and then may get sued for using it for your work! You may have to pay a huge fine for using such images.

Now, what is an alternative to this problem? You can well use some royalty-free photos available at some sites like which can be used anywhere you want. royalty free stock photos
Depositphotos allows you to buy some credits if you want to buy a few photos or if you are going to use the large number of photos then you can also go for a Subscription plan, so that you can get a discounted rate for the images that you download and use. The website has a huge collection of more than 7 million stock photos and vector images that can be made available to you in different resolutions once you purchase the credits to use them.

There is an option to have a Free Subscription too, but then you have a lot of restrictions. You can see the watermarked images everywhere unless you download the image by paying for it!

The images are categorized on the basis of the content such as Technology Images, Religious Images, Sports Images, etc; And there is also a feature to search for keywords in the search box if you want to laser target your goal.

To be frank, I am very impressed by the collection of Depositphotos stock images and photos and would recommend you to have a look at it. It may so happen that you may get your next lovely Facebook cover photo for there!

  • Anthony

    Well, I have never used depositphotos before, thanks for adding another image source to my library. Wikimedia commons and everystockphoto is also good, just for reference sake.

  • William Lee – Earn Money From Blog 2.0

    I personally feel that this is unfair because stock photos require large amount of time and sometimes large cost to shoot. If we can get it for free, it is unfair for the stock photo photographers. :)

  • Alex

    I think, that photographers still receive money for those photos, that were downloaded for free…

  • Ralph

    Thanks, I’m paying too much for my photos! lol