VisuZ allows you to have a Glasses Free 3D experience!

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about 3D is the lively feel which creates a perception that the objects are coming out of movie screen! But, there has always been one problem which spoils the fun when its comes to 3D content consumption. The need of special glasses to watch 3D content!

The glasses which we need to watch 3D content are classified basically into two types: Active shutter and Passive shutter glasses. But, how about not using any glasses at all for watching 3D content?

A product called “VisuZ” was launched by ThreeD Holograms in India recently which allows us to watch 3D content without using any special glasses. This product currenly comes as a 22-inch glass screen which need to be attached to your 22″ LCD/LED monitor. More sizes are expected to be added soon.
VisuZ Glasses free 3D
This glass screen is actually a detachable Chromatic Light Deflector(CLD) which works the same as the 3G viewing glasses work in usual scenario. It also absorbs the heat generated by the monitor, so that you do not need to worry about the long sessions of 3D entertainment! So the obvious question that strikes, “How is the 2D content on the Monitor converted into 3D?”

VisuZ comes with a software package which needs to be installed in order to use the CLD. This software converts the 2D content into 3D. It must be noted that the content which is already available in 3D(like 3D movies) works perfectly fine and we can have a glasses-free experience of 3D. The Game Driver Software also converts the graphics in some 2D games to 3D so that we can have a 3D gaming experience.
Glasses Free 3D
The point to note is that the software works only on DirectX compatible media content, so only the Games using DirectX can be played in 3D. We know that Google Earth can also be used in DirectX mode; some more purposeful usability!

On keen observation, we found that while converting Games into 3D the static content in the media like the Score Buttons and the Goals appear a little blur. It seems that by default, the software tries to convert even the static images in DirectX games into 3D!

The 22″ VisuZ CLD along with the software driver is priced at Rs. 19,500 in India.

  • Andrey

    Yes, always felt discomfort when looked films in 3d!