Micromax X259 : Phone that charges on Solar Energy

Don’t have time to charge your Phone’s battery at home? No worries, you can charge them on-the-go in sunlight.. Doesn’t that sound something from a science-fiction Hollywood movie?

All that aside, Micromax has launched a Solar Powered phone which can charge its batteries when the Solar panel which is fitted to its back is exposed to sunlight. It is said to provide 1.5 hours of talk-time when solar-charged for 3 hours!

Micromax X259 Solar Phone

The Micromax X259 is a dual SIM phone with dual-standby. Equipped with a 240 x 320 resolution 2.4″ QVGA screen, it has the connectivity options of GPRS and Bluetooth. It also features a VGA camera. The 1000mAh Li-ion battery gives the much needed long battery life! The solar charging feature is basically targeted towards villages where there are frequent electricity-cuts and load shedding!

You can buy the Micromax X259 from all leading retail outlets at Rs. 2499.

  • http://www.droidgarden.com MNB Achari

    Nice looking phone!Are you sure of the price? It is said that the phone is sold for 3000? Thanks.

  • http://www.travellingluke.com/main.html Wedding Singer Midlands

    Looks nice, but who would leave their phone in the sun for 3 hours…unless they were lost in the desert, I guess…

  • http://esouthfloridarealestate.com Lisa

    It seems like the screen and hardware would get overheated, doesn’t it? My iPhone shuts down if I happen to leave it in the sun. Interesting creation, I wonder if it will actually work.

  • http://handymangoldcoast.com/ Walter Steel

    Sounds cool! It’s a must have for people on the go just like me. I would definitely check this one out!