My PhotoWalk experience with the Nokia 808 Pureview [Contest Details to win the Smartphone]

I was among the lucky few to have a change to play with the Nokia 808 Pureview at a PhotoWalk event organised by Nokia India. We were given the 808 Pureview phones and were allowed to try our hand at photography with it. And, without a doubt, we went all crazy with it…

I got to say, the Pureview experience is really PURE. The quality of photos captured with the phone is Fantastic.. I mean Super Awesome.. Epic.. Oops, I am out of words..

There are 3 modes for capturing photos: Automatic, Scenes and Creative.

The Automatics Mode allows you use the Smartphone as a Point and Shoot camera without any manual adjustments.

The Scenes Mode allows you to select the genre of photography like macro, portrait, sports, night, night portrait, spotlight etc to capture your perfect shot!

The Creative Mode allows you to fine tune the image according to your wish using the ISO, Exposure and other options. The creative mode allows you to select between the Pureview Technology and the Full Resolution capture. The photos taken with the Pureview technology help reveal minute details using the zoom feature. The Zoom functionality can be used to its fullest even after the picture has been captured. That’s what is the major advantage of the pure-pixels in this awesome Camera-phone. (I had plans to test this mode in detail though it was not possible in a limited span of time.)

Custom resolution changes are possible using the Creative mode for better utilization of the Pureview technology.

Check out some of the photos that I captured during the PhotoWalk with the Nokia 808 Pureview.

Full resolution mode can be used to capture photos up to a maximum resolution of 38 MegaPixels with the aspect ratio of 4:3. The Maximum possible resolution with 16:9 is 34MP.

Don’t let the feeling creep in that only Images can be captured well with this Camera phone. That’s not the case!

Nokia’s Rich Recording technology allows brilliant video recording at 1080p HD resolution. 4X Zoom is possible even at 1080p resolution while we can go upto 12X in the 360p mode. Pure Sound up to 140 decibels can be recorded in Stereo mode with the Dolby digital technology. This makes it a complete camera package!

How good is this Camera Flagship from Nokia?
I would say, You wouldn’t miss your DSLR dearly if you forget to carry it for a long vacation!

Your Chance to win a Nokia 808 Pureview Smartphone!
Nokia India has come up with a campaign called “My City My Story” to celebrate the photographer in every Indian. You can capture different photographs and upload it under 6 different categories including ‘Life on the go’, ‘Culture & Heritage’, ‘People’, ‘Food & Drinks’, ‘Nightlife’ and ‘Bazaars’. Lots of Prizes included 3 Nokia 808 Pureview phones to be won! For more details, head to